Julie Reid

Associate Professor of Sociology

Research Interests
International development, globalization, gender, race and ethnicity

Multicultural education, gender equality, and the nation in Bolivia. 

Selected Publications and Presentations
Reid, Julie A. and Tahseen Shams. 2013. “Gender and Multigenerational Global Human Development.” Sociology Compass 7(8): 612-629.

Reid, Julie A., and Amy Chasteen Miller. 2013. “Gender Policy and Gendered Practices: Mothering, Teaching, and Inequality in the Bolivian Primary School.” Paper presented at the meeting of the American Sociological Association, New York, New York, August 9-13.

Reid, Julie A. 2012. “Women Rural Teachers in the Bolivian Educational Reform Era: Teaching Gender Equality and the Intersection of Public and Private Lives.” Paper presented at the meeting of the Southern Sociological Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 21-24.

Reid, Julie A. 2011. “Multiculturalism and Representations of Indigenousness in the Bolivian Educational Reform” Asian Journal of Latin American Studies 24(1): 83-110.

Reid, Julie A., Sinikka Elliott, and Gretchen R. Webber (equal authors). 2011. “Casual Hookups to Formal Dates: Refining the Boundaries of the Sexual Double Standard.” Gender & Society 25(5): 545-568.

Courses Taught
SOC 101. Understanding Society
SOC 310. Wealth, Status, and Power
SOC 350 Race and Ethnicity

SOC 360: Globalization
SOC 415/SOC 515/WS 425. Sociology of Gender