Nonprofit Studies Minor

Total Hours Required: 18
Student will be required to complete one course each from areas 1-5 and one course from 6a or 6b.

1. Historical & Philosophical Foundations

SOC 405

Non-Profits and Social Change

2. Youth/Human Development

CD 150

Child and Family in the Community

CD 350/350L

Child Development

FAM 151

Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships

FAM 453

The Family in Later Life

PSY 270

Child Psychology

PSY 275

Developmental Psychology

PSY 372

Adolescent Psychology

SOC 214

The Family

SOC 424

Sociology of Aging

SWK 494

Social Work with Children and Families

3. Non-Profit Management

CD 450

Administration of Child and Family Programs

CHS 425

Health Administration

MGT 300

Management for Organizations

PS 472

Organization and Management

4. Non-Profit Law and Risk Management

BA 200

The Legal Environment of Business

5. Community Outreach/Development and Public Relations Activities

MCJ 421

Public Relations

MKT 300

Principles of Marketing

Student will pick ONE course from area 6a or 6b. It is recommended that the area that is not chosen should be taken as part of the student's university core program.

6a. Non-Profit Accounting and Financial Management

ECO 101

Basic Economics

ACC 200

Introduction to Financial Accounting

PS 370

Introduction to Public Administration

6b. Ethics and Values

PHI 171

Ethics and Good Living

PHI 300

Business Ethics

PHI 452

Health Care Ethics

PHI 457

Environmental Ethics

SWK 315

Human Diversity in a Changing World

SWK 340

Human Behavior in the Social Environment Social Justice

SWK 399

Social Justice and Civic Engagement

Except for SOC 405: Nonprofits and Social Change, other courses may be substituted at the discretion of the program director. Students should be advised by the program director each semester.