Nonprofit Studies Minor (effective fall 2012)

Total Hours Required: 18
Student will be required to complete one course each from areas 1-6.

1. Historical & Philosophical Foundations

SOC 405

Non-Profits and Social Change

2. Nonprofit Management
CD 450Administration of Child and Family Programs
CHS 425Health Administration
MGT 300Management for Organizations
PS 472Organization and Management

3. Non-Profit Law and Risk Management

BA 200

The Legal Environment of Business

4. Community Outreach/Development and Public Relations Activities

MCJ 421

Public Relations

MKT 300

Principles of Marketing

5. Non-Profit Resource Development and Management

NPS 406

Nonprofit Resource Development and Fundraising

6. Nonprofit Internship

SOC 333

Field Work Practicum, or, other approved internship
in student's field of study. Starting spring 2015 students
will take NPS 491 Nonprofit Internship instead of SOC 333.