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Curious About Our New Installation?

Find out what this project is and what it means.

Oral Histories from the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

With a two-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, USM's Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage will be digitizing its collection of Civil Rights Movement interviews and bringing them to the public online. Read the story here.



The year Schoolhouse Rock debuted on ABC and Marlon Brando turned down an Oscar, check out what was going on on the Southern Miss campus!

What Can You Do with a Degree in Art?

Jamie Spinello, a 2005 graduate of USM's Art & Design department, went on to get her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute and now has a studio in Austin where she makes beautiful metal jewelry.

Visit Jamie's amazing Etsy shop.

Now at Mississippi Moments

Larry Rubin of Tacoma Park, Maryland came to Holly Springs to help black Mississippians register to vote. In this episode he explains how the state used literacy tests and intimidation to keep blacks from voting.

Listen here.

Herbert Randall Freedom Summer Photographs Now Online

The photographs include images of violence against volunteers, voter registration canvassing, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Freedom Schools, the Free Southern Theatre, and a picnic at the home of Vernon Dahmer.

View the photographs here.

American monetary

policy [is like] being backed-up near your own end-zone.

How so? Read doctoral candidate Todd J. Barry's commentary in The Macrotheme Review to find out. Barry is enrolled in the Department of Political Science, International Development and International Affairs on the Gulf Coast.


Iranian Centrifuges, Gaza and Putin

Associate Dean Bob Pauly talks politics on Gulf Coast Morning Radio.

Part 1

Part 2

Gulf Coast Mornings Radio

Instructor of Paralegal Studies Robert Harenski appears on the Gulf Coast Mornings Radio Show on 104.9 FM each week.  This Wednesday, he discussed:

 Crime Scene Competency and New Trial, New Jail

Can you harm Manuel Noriega's reuputation?


A New Reading of James' "The will to believe"

David Holley, Chair of Philosophy and Religion, has an article forthcoming in Religious Studies.

Read his article here: "Practical considerations and evidence in James’s permission to believe."

"That boy seems already oddly fond of you..."

An article by the English Department's Eric Tribunella has been selected as the best article published in children's literature in 2012 by the Children's Literature Association.

Read his article here:

"Between Boys: Edward Stevenson's Left to Themselves (1891) and the Birth of Gay Children's Literature"


Southern Miss Radio plays the best music ever recorded. Dial it down, turn it up!

Why Do Mexican Restaurants Serve Free Chips?

The Freakonomics folks answer this question this week on their podcast, which includes an interview with Andrew P. Haley of the A&L History Department.

Listen to the podcast here.

Temporary Protected Status

in the U.S.

Madeline Messick, a doctoral candidate in USM's International Development program co-authored an article (with Claire Bergeron) entitled, "Temporary Protected Status in the United States: A Grant of Humanitarian Relief that Is Less than Permanent."

Read Messick's article at

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