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What is the Southern Miss Jump Scholars Program?

A summer program for select incoming freshmen at Southern Miss who want to get a “jump” on their classes and get connected to the Southern Miss experience early.  Students who are chosen to participate will take three summer courses together before starting Southern Miss in the fall. The classes will take place in the last five weeks of the summer semester, so Jump Scholars will begin fall 2016 at Southern Miss with three classes already finished. While taking the classes together, students will also enjoy field trips, social events, and other opportunities not given to other incoming students. The Jump Program is designed to reward hard-working students and give them a chance to get ahead and benefit from a shared learning experience in a warm, friendly environment.


How do I apply to be a Jump Scholar?

Applicants to the Jump Scholars Program must be incoming Southern Miss first-year students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Space is limited, and the selection committee will look for students who are motivated to succeed in college and who have a desire to push themselves with an intensive group experience.

Applications are due by March 18, 2016.

View the application guidelines.


Is it an honor?

Yes. Absolutely! Only a small number of students are invited to participate. You should list this on your resume—2016 Southern Miss Jump Scholar.


What classes will I be taking?

For summer 2016, students will have a choice of four different “clusters” of classes. Space in each cluster is limited to 18 participants. The specific clusters will be announced soon, but expect to see core courses such as American Government (PS 101), World History (HIS 102), Oral Communication (CMS 111), Understanding Society (SOC 101), and Dance Appreciation (DAN 130).


Where will I live?

Housing for Jump Scholars is available at Century Park North on the Southern Miss campus. Although we strongly encourage students to live on campus, students are not required to do so.


Why should I do this?

It will be fun!  And there are a few other reasons too:

➤ You can take three Southern Miss classes before you even start your freshman year.

➤ You can take courses with outstanding faculty in a small-class environment that will let you get to know them well.

➤ You will know your way around Southern Miss before the rest of the class even arrives.

➤ When fall gets here, you’ll already know about most parts of campus you need to know about, and you will be comfortable finding all the resources your need.

➤ You will know a group of other new students and faculty you can talk with if you need anything in fall.

➤ You will meet key people from across the campus who can help you for your upcoming four years here.

➤ Field trips!

➤ And a free t-shirt (really!)



Jump Scholars Program Eases Transition for Freshmen
ABSOLUTELY do it. It was the most valuable experience I've had leading up to college, and I'm 100% more prepared due to the Jump Program. I met multiple people I might have never known otherwise and I learned more about the school than I ever would have had I not gotten the inside scoop from the program. - a 2015 Arts & Letters Jump Scholar


It's an incredible experience that will benefit you in and outside of college. It'll equip you with campus resources and people that'll really assist you during the fall. And just the overall fun experience during this program will almost take the feeling of being in college away and make it seem more like a summer fun camp. It's intense but so worth it. - a 2015 Arts & Letters Jump Scholar

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