As a high school senior, I

          already knew that I wanted to go to medical school. Because of the extensive amount of schooling and work experience required to become a physician, I chose to start summer school immediately after high school graduation. I continued to take classes year round at USM until I graduated in just three years.


By going to summer school, I was able to save money, AND I became a physician at the age of 26! I would highly recommend all high school students to consider starting their college career with summer classes."


­— Melanie Hall, MD USM, BS, '05

What is the Arts & Letters Jump Scholars Program?

An invitation-only summer program for select incoming freshmen at Southern Miss, sponsored by the College of Arts & Letters.  Students who participate will take three summer courses together before starting Southern Miss in the fall. The classes will take place July 7-August 1, so Jump Scholars will begin fall 2014 at Southern Miss with 9 semester credit hours already finished. While taking the classes together, students will also enjoy field trips, social events, and other opportunities not given to other incoming students. The Jump Program is designed to reward hard-working students and give them a chance to “jump” ahead and benefit from a shared learning experience in a warm, friendly environment.


Why me?

We hand-selected each participant based on their total application to the university, and we particularly emphasized strong grades in local high schools. If you have been invited, it means that you were a strong high school student from this area and that you demonstrated qualities we want to reward.


Is it an honor?

Yes. Absolutely! Only a small number of students are invite to participate. You should list this on your resume – 2014 Arts & Letters Jump Scholar.


Where will I live?

For this summer, we encourage students to live at home. Most of you will live in the dorms come fall, and for this short time period we suggest you commute to campus and use the month as a transition time to get used to the university before moving in.


Why should I do this?

It will be fun!  And there are a few other reasons too:

➤ You can take nine credit hours and complete two core courses before you even start your freshman year.

➤ You can take courses with outstanding faculty in a small-class environment that will let you get to know them well.

➤ You will know your way around Southern Miss before the rest of the class even arrives.

➤ When fall gets here, you’ll already know about most parts of campus you need to know about, and you will be comfortable finding all the resources your need.

➤ You will know a group of other new students and faculty you can talk with if you need anything in fall.

➤ You will meet key people from across the campus who can help you for your upcoming four years here.

➤ Field trips!

➤ And a free t-shirt (really!)



    College of Arts and Letters • The University of Southern Mississippi • 118 College Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39406