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What is the Arts & Letters Jump Scholars Program?

A summer program for select incoming freshmen at Southern Miss, sponsored by the College of Arts & Letters.  Students who participate will take three summer courses together before starting Southern Miss in the fall. The classes will take place June 24—July 24, 2015 so Jump Scholars will begin fall 2015 at Southern Miss with 9 semester credit hours already finished. While taking the classes together, students will also enjoy field trips, social events, and other opportunities not given to other incoming students. The Jump Program is designed to reward hard-working students and give them a chance to “jump” ahead and benefit from a shared learning experience in a warm, friendly environment.


How do I apply to be a Jump Scholar?

NOTE: The 2015 deadline has now passed and the program is no longer accepting new applications.

To qualify for the program, you should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, be planning to attend Southern Miss in the fall, and be highly motivated to succeed in college. Applications are due by March 31, and space is limited, so apply early for the best chance to get into your first choice of the three clusters available.

View the application guidelines.


Is it an honor?

Yes. Absolutely! Only a small number of students are invited to participate. You should list this on your resume – 2015 Arts & Letters Jump Scholar.


What classes will I be taking?

We are happy to offer three different clusters this year. Space in each cluster is limited to 15 participants. View detailed course descriptions here.

Cluster A

  • History 102: World Civilizations 1500-the Present
  • Political Science 101: American Government
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 101/CAL 150: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Cluster B

  • Sociology 101: Understanding Society—Principles of Sociology
  • Communication Studies 111: Oral Communication
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 101/CAL 150: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Cluster C

  • Sociology 101: Understanding Society—Principles of Sociology
  • Dance 130: Dance Appreciation
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 101/CAL 150: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry


Where will I live?

Housing is available at Century Park North on campus, and the cost, which includes board, is $1442 for the duration of the Jump Scholars Program.


Why should I do this?

It will be fun!  And there are a few other reasons too:

➤ You can take nine credit hours and complete two core courses before you even start your freshman year.

➤ You can take courses with outstanding faculty in a small-class environment that will let you get to know them well.

➤ You will know your way around Southern Miss before the rest of the class even arrives.

➤ When fall gets here, you’ll already know about most parts of campus you need to know about, and you will be comfortable finding all the resources your need.

➤ You will know a group of other new students and faculty you can talk with if you need anything in fall.

➤ You will meet key people from across the campus who can help you for your upcoming four years here.

➤ Field trips!

➤ And a free t-shirt (really!)



Jump Scholars Program Eases Transition for Freshmen
You should definitely consider participating in this program! It has been very beneficial in helping me make the transition from high school to college... trust me, it’s a whole different world. I strongly recommend for you to be a part of this wonderful program. - a 2014 Arts & Letters Jump Scholar


The most important thing I learned from the Jump Scholars Program is how seriously I need to take college. This program really "woke me up" to how college is going to be and how I need to prepare and study. I am very thankful that the program taught me this before I started in the fall. I am going to apply what I learned from these 4 weeks into my future college career... - a 2014 Arts & Letters Jump Scholar

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