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➤ Faculty textbook orders

➤ Collecting office hours, CVs, and contact information

➤ Student surveys, questionnaires, and consent forms

➤ Requesting alumni contact information

➤ Collecting faculty and student achievements

➤ RSVPs for department events


1. A&L will be happy to create a MachForm for you and either embed it in your department website or send you a link you can send out to respondents. Please click the button below to submit a request:


2. If you'd like to create your own MachForms, you can request a department site by putting in a work order with iTech, who will create the site and then send you log-in information. The form-making site is easy to learn and intuitive to use.


3. If you want to create your own forms but need a little help, please email danielle.sypherhaley@usm.edu once you have a site and log-in formation and I will be happy to walk you through your first one.


MachForms are the easiest way to collect and store information securely from large groups of people. Some of the benefits of using MachForms:

➤ They're extremely easy, quick, and intuitive to set up. They allow users to upload attachments and even provide an option for a hand-drawn electronic signature.

➤ The university pays for the service, so departments can create their own individual sites with unlimited forms and unlimited responses free of charge.

➤ You can set up your MachForm to email you the information whenever a response comes in (and with a custom email subject line so you can easily sort the responses) or you can visit your site to see all responses.

➤ All responses can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for easy storage and data manipulation.

➤ You can store the information inside MachForms indefinitely for archiving purposes.

➤ MachForms come with pre-designed themes, so you can choose a theme that matches your website, or you can create a custom theme and include your department logo or graphics. Once you have a custom theme set up, you can use it for all future forms. (Note: custom themes are removed  if you embed the form on your department website.)




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