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A&L DEADLINES March 8 - summer coursesMarch 8 - fall coursesOctober 8 - spring courses Please note that the above deadlines are the dates when all information must be complete in SOAR. Your department will likely have an earlier internal deadline to allow your textbook liaison time to collect, enter, double-check, and finalize the data.The University of Southern Mississippi is bound by two textbook guidelines: the state-mandated IHL Textbook Policy, and our own internal policy, designed to make sure we are in compliance with the IHL policy. The policy is designed to make sure that students have early access to textbook information so they can shop for the best price on textbooks, and to encourage the adoption of textbooks for a three-year period in order to increase students' ability to sell back their textbooks and to have used textbooks available for purchase.

Both policies in their entirety can be downloaded here:

IHL Textbook Policy (2-page PDF)

Southern Miss Textbook Policy (7-page PDF)



Tips for Textbook Entry (1-page PDF)

Textbook Entry Procedure (14-page PDF)



There are two types of exceptions to the policy that can be requested.

1. An exception from the three-year minimum adoption period or from the requirement that all sections of lower-level courses adopt the same textbook. This type of exception must be completed and approved before the university textbook deadlines (March 15/October 15).

2. A request for a late change or adoption, useful in cases where an instructor is hired to teach a course after the deadline has passed, the original textbook is unavailable, there has been a substantive change in the course since books were ordered, or a new section of a course is added that uses a different text from the existing sections. This type of exception may be completed after the deadline, but must be approved at least 30 days before the start of the semester. This form also requires that the instructor email the class roster to inform them of the change and to provide them with a link to the campus bookstore return policy. In addition, it requires emailing the campus bookstore manager and calling ODA in the event that they are preparing materials for a student with accommodations. [See box on right.]

Both types of exceptions require approval from the Chair, Dean, and Provost.

The exception forms are fillable PDFs, available here:

Early Exception Form (2-page PDF)

Late Adoption Exception Form (7-page PDF)



Download the Provost's FAQs for faculty here:

FAQs (5-page PDF)


Campus Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)



Thad Cochran Center

Manager: Kathleen Hayman





730 East Beach Blvd., behind Hardy Hall


College Textbook Coordinator:

Jeanne Gillespie

Department Textbook Liaisons (1 page PDF)


Want an easier way to collect faculty textbook orders? Try MachForms!


MachForms allow you to determine what information you collect and in what order for easy copy/pasting into SOAR. Get the information emailed to you in real time, or store it securely at your department's MachForm site until you're ready to enter it.


➤ Review policy and guidelines for what is needed.

➤ Complete the Late Adoption Exception Form.

➤ Get email statements from ODA and B&N, as described in the exception form instructions.

➤ Give the form and emails to the unit chair/director for his/her signature.

➤ The chair then sends all required documents (form, ODA email, B&N email) to the Associate Dean for Faculty, Jeanne Gillespie, in a single email.

➤Jeanne sends it with her evaluation to Dr. Easterling. The dept will then receive an email regarding the Provost's decision.

➤ Once the exception has been approved, email class roster (function available in SOAR) with changes and the following link to the campus bookstore return policy:


Please copy Susie Plymale on the email, and make sure it includes the course prefix, number, and section on the email.

➤ Alert your textbook liaison so the changes can be made in SOAR.

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