Jake Schaefer

Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator

Teaching Interests

BSC 11H Honors Principles of Biological Sciences

BSC 414/L/514/L Ichthyology

BSC 441/L541/L Population and Community Ecology

BSC 452/552 Environmental Physiology

BSC 747 Multivariate Applications in Ecology


Research Interests

My research focuses on the ecology and evolution of fishes. Research in my lab is conducted on a variety of organizational levels from the physiology of individuals to community dynamics over large spatial and temporal scales. Some of the recently completed projects included studies on phenotypic plasticity of physiological traits, mechanisms of reproductive isolation, hybrid zone dynamics, and assessing the dynamics of fish communities over time. Ongoing research projects being conducted by graduate students in the lab include ecological drivers of fish movement, evolution of life history traits, isolation of obligate headwater species, and thermal biology of stream fishes. Click here for more detailed information on research in my lab.

I am also curator of the USM Museum of Ichthyology. The collection is an invaluable resource for students and researchers interested in ichthyology. As of February 2013, the museum contains over 42,000 lots 800,000 specimens representing approximately 850 taxa.


Representative Publications

Duvernell, D.D., Meier, S., Schaefer, J.F., and B.R. Kreiser. 2013. Contrasting phylogeographic histories between broadly sympatric topminnows in the Fundulus notatus species complex. In press, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

Duvernell, D. & Schaefer, J. F. 2013. Variation in contact zone dynamics between two species of topminnows, Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceus, across isolated drainage systems, Evolutionary Ecology doi: 10.1007/s10682-013-9653-z

Franssen, N.R., J. Harris, S.R. Clark, J.F. Schaefer and L. K. Stewart. 2013. Shared and unique morphological responses of stream fishes to anthropogenic habitat alteration. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20122715

Mickle, P.F., J. Schaefer, D.A. Yee and S.B Adams. 2013. Diet of juvenile Alabama shad (Alosa alabamae) in two northern Gulf of Mexico drainages. The Southeastern Naturalist 12: 233-237.

Matamoros, W.A., J. Schaefer, P. Chakrabarty and L. Hernandez. 2012. Profundulus kreiseri a new species from Honduras with a new look at the relationships within Profundulidae. Zookeys 227: 49-62.

Schaefer, J.F. 2012. Hatch success and temperature dependent development time in two broadly distributed topminnows (Fundulidae). Naturwissenschaften 99(7):591-595.

Schaefer, J., S. Clark and M.L. Warren. 2012. Diversity and stability in Mississippi stream fish assemblages. Freshwater Science 31(3): 882-894

Schaefer, J.F. D. Duvernell, B. Kreiser, C. Champagne, S.R. Clark, M. Gutierrez, L. Stewart, C. Coleman. 2012. Evolution of a sexually dimorphic trait in a broadly distributed topminnow (Fundulus olivaceus). Ecology and Evolution 2(7): 1371-1381