Kevin A. Kuehn

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator

Teaching Interests

Principles of Biological Sciences I
Introductory Ecology
Microbial Ecology
Introductory Mycology
Wetland Ecosystems
Ecosystem Ecology


Research Interests

In most aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, detrital pathways typically dominate the flow of carbon and the recycling of nutrients. As a result, heterotrophic microorganisms can be viewed as important functional components of the ecosystem, since many of the fundamental processes related to carbon flow and elemental cycling are intimately coupled with, and influenced by, their metabolic activities. Although widely regarded as important in biogeochemical cycles, much of our understanding of microbial functional processes within ecosystems remains unclear (i.e., “microbial black box”). Through my research I seek to expand our knowledge of organic matter processing and biogeochemical cycles in ecosystems. Specifically, I am interested in the quantitative role of fungal organisms in these processes. Much of my research focuses on fungal-mediated processes in wetland ecosystems. However, my interests have expanded in recent years to include a variety of questions ranging from potential microbial interactions on fungal processes in wetlands to the role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in terrestrial ecosystems.

Representative Publications

Mehring, A.S, K.A. Kuehn, C.J. Tant, C.M. Pringle, R.R Lowrance and G. Vellidis. 2014. Contribution of surface leaf-litter breakdown and forest composition to benthic oxygen demand and ecosystem respiration in a South Georgia blackwater river. Freshwater Science 33:377-389.

Kuehn, K.A., S.N. Francoeur, R.H. Findlay and R.K. Neely. 2014. Priming in the microbial landscape: periphytic algal stimulation of litter-associated microbial decomposers. Ecology 95:749-762.

Claeson, S. M., C.J. LeRoy, J.R. Barry and K.A. Kuehn. 2014. Impacts of invasive riparian knotweed on litter decomposition, fungi, and macroinvertebrates. Biological Invasions 16:1531-1544.

Sinsabaugh, R.L., J. Belnap, J.J Follstad Shah, B. H. Hill, C. Kuske, M. Litvak, N. Matinez, D.L. Moorhead, S.G Findlay, K.A. Kuehn and D. Warnock. (2014) Extracellular enzyme kinetics scale with resource availability. Biogeochemisty 121:287-304