British Journalism And Social Media Today

Information, please? From racy tabloids to the raucous commentary that often sparks legal action, British media has it all. In this course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the world’s most influential media market, all the while tweeting, blogging and podcasting your discoveries to the world.

This summer, you’ll become a mobile journalist, compiling a body of work online as you develop and stretch your practical, academic and technology skills in one of Europe’s most exciting cities.  Your lectures and behind-the-scenes tours will give you an insider’s perspective of this rapidly changing industry and its stark differences from American journalism. You’ll analyze Britain’s news coverage – both print and broadcast – its public relations practices, advertising policies, and the pros and cons of each. In four nonstop weeks, you’ll gain a nuanced understanding of the global news marketplace, while your hands-on use of the technologies driving mass communication today helps you acquire marketable experience that will impress any future employer. Come to London and break open a sensational story this summer!

Course details

  • MCJ 499CA/599CA (6 semester hours)
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Edinburgh for 3 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

Meet the Instructor





Prof. Maggie Williams
The University of Southern Mississippi

Maggie Williams is an instructor and internship coordinator for the University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Mass Communication and Journalism, where she teaches writing and reporting courses in the undergraduate curriculum. She has taught the school’s Social Media and British Journalism course in London since 2009. During her 15 years in the newspaper business, Williams was an award-winning writer. She has also worked in the public relations field. She and her husband, Joe Clark, reside in Hattiesburg and are parents to a grown daughter.


British Studies Program in Journalism class video. Maggie Williams talks about her British Studies in Journalism course.