Global Expansion of the Business Mind

International Business: Global Expansion of the Business Mind

Ever hear the phrase, “think global, act local”?  This course will help you appreciate the true meaning of this statement as you learn about British and European cultures from a business perspective.  You will gain insight about international commerce by living in London and immersing yourself in this interdisciplinary course of business study.  Through this course you¹ll get a firsthand look at the global economy by visiting several British and European businesses. While your eyes open to assess economic conditions, fiscal/monetary policy, international accounting regulations, and governmental structures in the UK and the EU, you¹ll also learn about the impact of social and cultural factors on international management and marketing.

Planned field excursions will allow you to observe the British and European systems at work, with visits to institutions like the Bank of England, UBS, Lloyd¹s of London, Jaguar, the British Parliament, and the Heineken Brewery.  Supervised research will involve analysis of a global business issue or a comprehensive international business case study. 

[Prerequisities: A "C" or better in at least one of the Business Principle courses - ACC 200, FIN 300, MKT 300, MGT 300.]

Course details

[courses are subject to change]

  • BA 498CA (3 semester hours)/499CA (3 semester hours)


  • BA 598CA (3 semester hours)/699CA (3 semester hours)
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Edinburgh for 3 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

Meet the Instructors

Jamye Foster, Ph.D.
The University of Southern Mississippi

Jamie Lynn Byram
The University of Southern Mississippi