The Program

The British Studies Program, founded in 1976, is organized by Southern Miss through an academic consortium of colleges and universities. The purpose of the consortium is to promote a more profound understanding of British culture and society among students and faculty through scholarly and educational activities.

In the program, students take one course for six semester hours of credit. Three hours is awarded through lectures, seminars, and field excursions, and three hours through supervised research. The course meets from June 3 through July 3, 2016, at King's College in Central London. Each student has a single room with private bath at a King's College residence hall.

Upon arrival in London, students are greeted by program faculty who accompany the students into London on coaches. Faculty lead students on walking tours of London on the first weekend.

Courses generally meet from Monday through Thursday, with weekends free for individual travel. Excursions and class trips take up the bulk of course time, and lectures are offered by eminent British scholars, artists, business leaders, and government officials.

The third week of each class begins with a four-night class trip out of London -- we call it LondonAway -- to one of the major cities of the U.K. (Edinburgh, Manchester, York, Brighton, etc.). At the end of LondonAway, students enjoy a four night minibreak allowing them to travel and sightsee on their own before returning to London for the final five days of class. A supervised trip to Paris is offered as one option for the mini-break.

The program costs $7200 (summer 2015) for undergraduates and graduate students. Financial aid is available. To be eligible to apply, undergraduate students must have completed 28 semester hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Graduate students must be in good academic standing.

Students from colleges and universities across the country take courses through the Program and then transfer the college credits they earn from Southern Miss back to their home universities.

Full-time program coordinators are available in the program office to help students during the month. Faculty are available outside of class to help students and offer advice.

Students typically return from the program saying it represented one of the high points of their lives. Students return from the program with a greater sense of independence and confidence to navigate world cities on their own in the future. They also possess a greater appreciation of different cultures.