Psychopathology In The UK

The Science and Practice of Clinical Psychology in the UK. This class investigates how clinicial psychology is practiced in the UK with a focus on criminal behavior, psychotherapy and institutional treatment.

Course details

  • PSY 499CA/599CA (6 semester hours)
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Edinburgh for 3 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

Meet the Instructor



Dr. Bob Lyman
The University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Robert Lyman is a Professor of Psychology at the University of
Southern Mississippi.  Dr. Lyman has taught at five universities in a
40-year career and came to Southern Miss in 2008.
This is his first year teaching in the British Studies Program.  In
addition to teaching clinical psychology courses and conducting
research, Dr. Lyman has testified in dozens of civil and criminal
court cases, including a number of capital murder cases.  He has also
served as a consultant to public outpatient mental health facilities
and psychiatric hospitals.  He is the author or editor of five books
in clinical psychology and has a PhD from the University of
Alabama.  He lives with his wife in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.