Shakespearience! Walk Where He Walked. Play Where He Played.

Shakespeare is alive and well, and on stage every night in London. In this course, you'll follow in The Bard's footsteps through the South Bank neighborhood that was his home. You'll explore the newly uncovered sites of the Rose and Curtain Theaters, attend a traditional performance of Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, visit museums, historical sites and other performances, and share insights with experts and other students as you unearth the world Shakespeare knew and loved. Shakespeare's London is just the prelude. You'll travel to his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon to see his resting place, as well as the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company perform. You'll also visit the incredible Hampton Court Palace, once home to Cardinal Wolsey and later, King Henry VIII. You'll journey to Edinburgh, Scotland, where you'll study the politics, dark conspiracies and witchcraft of Shakespeare's Macbeth in ancient Dalkeith manor and other storied castles. Finally, your Shakespeare will come full circle back to London. As you see glimpses of even older worlds from before Shakespeare's time, you'll come to understand how the presence of that deeper past can offer you a way to calibrate the many worlds, of this titanic literary figure.

Course details

  • ENG 498/598 (6 semester hours)
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Edinburgh for 4 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Cassie Thomas









Dr. Catherine Thomas
College of Charleston

Dr. Catherine Thomas is Associate Professor of English at the College
of Charleston and has taught in the British Studies Program since
2008. She earned her PhD and MA in early modern British literature
from the Pennsylvania State University and completed her undergraduate
degree at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. T. is
co-editor of the essay collection Violent Masculinities: Male
Aggression in Early Modern Texts and Culture and has published several
articles on Shakespeare and later adaptations in film and the comic
arts. She also teaches courses on gender and sexuality, and violence
and representation in early modern literature. In her free time, she
enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, traveling, and spending time with her
husband, Bill, and their three cats.