Technology Requirement Policy

Important Notice!

Effective summer 2014, the Basic Technology Literacy Exam (BTLE)/IC3 Certification will no longer be considered an admission requirement for students applying to the teacher education program at Southern Miss.  It is still however, required for the degree plan and must be completed prior to student teaching.

Since teachers must know how to use technology to optimize teaching and learning, the professional education programs will prepare professional education candidates to apply knowledge to essential tools of technology to the teaching/learning process; but, first, the candidate must enter the professional education program with a working knowledge of basic computer applications.

The Professional Education Council, the policy-making body for the Professional Education Unit at The University of Southern Mississippi, has mandated that all students entering professional education programs must demonstrate basic technology literacy.  This requirement provides a “more level playing field” among the candidates allowing the professional education faculty to build on technological skills that will assist the candidates with integrating these skills into instructional framework and teaching.

Since the fall semester 2003, all students applying for admission to Professional Education at The University of Southern Mississippi have been required to obtain a passing score on each of the five modules of the Basic Technology Literacy Exam (BTLE).  The five modules consist of work processing, spreadsheet, telecommunications, presentation, and database.  In fall 2013 semester, the database module was replaced with the digital citizenship module.

Students who are unsuccessful in obtaining a passing score on any of the five BTLE modules will have their passing scores “banked” for one semester.  After unsuccessfully taking the BTLE two times (initial test and retest), students are required to enroll in IT 201.  Students may bank scores between the initial test and retest.  The test and the retest have to be completed prior to the first semester of Gold Card classes.

Transfer students will take the BTLE in the first semester of Gold Card classes.  If retesting is necessary, it will be completed in the same semester or within the first week of the second semester.  This will allow the student to enroll in IT 201 the second semester of classes, if necessary.

There are no exceptions to the BTLE as the BTLE is a requirement for the Gold Card or the timeline for passing the exam.

The cost for the Basic Technology Literacy Exam initial testing is $25.00.  This amount will be charged to the student’s account upon test registration.  If the student does not test on the registered date, or if the student registers for a second testing date, an additional testing fee will be charged.  The cost for retesting is $5.00 per module and will be charged to the student’s account upon registration.  Initial test and retest registration fees are non-refundable.