Valencia R. Hopkins

Administrative Assistant

Valencia Hopkins is the Administrative Assistant to the Chair. Hopkins started her career here at The University of Southern Mississippi in 2008. She has over five years of an administrative capacity providing support and assistance to faculty, staff, and students. As assistant to the Chair, she oversees the day-to-day logistics of the Economic Development and Tourism Department.

One of Hopkins’ biggest personal goals is growth. She seeks to grow in her roles as a vital part of the Department. Hopkins loves the diverse group of personalities that make up the Department, and enjoys coming in to work to help those personalities shine, be it in the office or at a public event. Hopkins is skilled at helping everyone in the office bring out their positive personalities.

Outside of the office, Hopkins has a passion for creating personalized keepsakes items.

Hopkins looks at life as a journey best taken with the right people and with the right goals in mind. As she moves forward, she grows and evolves and never stops trying to find the best aspects of everything and everyone she meets, bringing them into the light so they can shine.


Contact For:

  • Room Scheduling
  • Event Planning
  • Special Projects
  • Financial Affairs