Faculty/Staff Resources

Below are commonly used resources for faculty and staff.  We are continually updating this page with new information. If you would like to see additional resources on this page, please contact us!



Blackboard Shell Request Form

Degree Update Form

SEDONA is a self-service web database application that allows members to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records. Members can create a public site, automatically updated by SEDONA. 



Bio Update Form
All faculty/staff bio pages are maintained by the College of Business. Please be sure to keep your faculty/staff bio current.

Request to Add Announcements to RISE Television Display
The College of Business utilizes four television displays in Joseph Greene Hall to promote events.  If you would like to promote your event through our displays, please use this form. 

Request to Add Web Page
Use this form to request to add a web page to your departmental web site.

Request for Public Relations Coordination
Complete this form to submit requests for press releases, public relations, and digital/social media distribution.



We wish to note the accomplishments of our dedicated faculty, staff, and students within the College of Business.  This entry will be used by PR to strengthen the college profile through various methods of internal and external communication.

Faculty Achievement

Staff Achievement

Student Achievement Application (Student Spotlight)
Current faculty and staff in the College of Business may submit names of students to be recognized internally within the College.  Their names and achievement are displayed on the RISE televisions in Joseph Greene Hall, on our website, and on CoB facebook pages.  Achievements can include anything from high academic achievement in business courses, awards won through competition and application, or community service work through the CoB.  We wish to recognize students weekly or bi-weekly.



Early AlertEarly Alert
Early Alert is a formal communication tool for faculty, staff and students to help identify and intervene on behalf of students who exhibit risk factors and face withdrawal from the university because of personal, academic or financial issues. Faculty, staff and students can safely and securely submit information on a student experiencing academic challenges or other issues. When a referral is made, the First Year Initiative will reach out to the student to help identify problem areas and to help the student take ownership of their academic success. 



Eagle AlertEagle Alert

To ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff, The University of Southern Mississippi offers the Eagle Alert emergency notification system.

Students, faculty and staff can update their contact information to ensure they are receiving time-sensitive emergency messages via text and voice messages to cell phones and home phones. Eagle Alert allows the university to better inform the campus community of imminent danger and emergency situations.