Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong

Specialty Fields/Research
Color Measurement, Color Communication, Color Supply Chain Management, Adolescent Consumer Behavior, Adolescent Work-Ethic, Scholarship of Teaching, Service-Learning, Education and Technology


Textiles, Professional Presentation, Evaluating Fashion Apparel, Entrepreneurship in Apparel and Interior Design


Florida State University, Tallahassee (Ph.D. 2007), Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti (M.S. 2004), Thammasat University (B.A. 1997)


Teaching Philosophy
My teaching goal is to equip my students with the tools necessary for real life. It is important not only to acquire knowledge and skill, but also to know how to best apply one’s knowledge and skills in diverse circumstances. In my opinion, the best teacher is one who is able to simplify difficult materials and make them easy to understand. In order to accomplish my goals, my teaching philosophy has three fundamental aspects. One, I strive to use a Comprehensive, Multi-Disciplinary Framework for my teaching. I draw upon a variety of Teaching and Learning Theories, such as Transformation Theory, Constructivism, Multiple Intelligences Theory, Learning Styles Theory, Critical Thinking Theory, and Motivation Theory. I also utilize principles from several Teaching Pedagogies, such as Active Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Questioning, Peer-Instruction, Collaborative Group learning, and Collaborative Group Testing. Additionally, my philosophy of teaching is Purpose-Driven, in that it is both Community-Centered and Learner Centered. I attempt to engage the students in the community, both as academics and life-long-learners, and as citizens. To build students’ skill-base, confidence, and potential-for success, as well as to engage them in the learning process, I focus on integrating technology in the classroom. The third basis of my teaching philosophy is that it is Forward-Looking. I strive to avoid stagnation by pursuing life-long learning myself, as a member of a learning community, by engaging in collaboration and research, and by letting my philosophy and methodology of teaching continue to grow and evolve, as I continue to learn.


Research Statement
Just as my teaching philosophy is divided into three main components, I have three primary objectives for my research activities. One is to pursue Excellence in Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching by studying different Teaching Pedagogies and different Theories of Teaching and Learning. My goal is to test different combinations of elements in order to find the combinations that work synergistically together to promote success in given teaching and learning situations. At the same time, my second research goal involves collaboration with others in my discipline, and across disciplines, in order to conduct research that expands our collective knowledge while building a strong academic learning community. Thirdly, I wish to pursue certain of my own interests, such as color measurement, color communication, and teen and adolescent consumer behavior.