Fashion Merchandising

The curriculum in Fashion Merchandising provides students the opportunity to pursue careers in the production, marketing, and merchandising of textile and apparel products. Course requirements cover the organization and operation of the fashion industry, the production and distribution of merchandise, product information and merchandise characteristics and the social, psychological, and aesthetic components of dress and appearance. 

Required courses in business add depth to the student's background and variety to a graduate's career options. As opportunities exist, students are encouraged to participate in field experiences that include travel to major and unique fashion centers such as New York City or Honolulu.


During your senior year, you will complete an internship, often in a retail operation that sells fashion apparel, accessories and related merchandise. This supervised experience provides students with valuable preprofessional work experience and often develops into the graduate's first career position. Internships may take place locally or in any geographical location that provides necessary work experiences.


A marketing minor is required for all fashion merchandising majors.


All students pursuing a minor in Fashion Merchandising must complete 9 hours from the following courses: FM 121, 330 and 331. 
You will also need to complete 9 hours from the following courses: FM 222, 332, 335, 337, 435, 436, 437 and 478.