About Us

Southern Miss Career Services exists to help make connections between students, alumni and employers.


For students who are searching for a major, building a resume' or looking into different career options, ourWe assist employers in filling positions you have within your organization. Whether they are full-time or part-time, internships or cooperative education experiences, we will help you find the student who best meets your needs.

We are FREE to all current students.  

Career Services, in conjunction with The University of Southern Mississippi faculty and staff, is a team of professionals committed to providing resources, services and opportunities for students, alumni and employers in academic, job related and career endeavors.


 Our Services:

 Career Counseling

Students receive personalized, one-on-one counseling to understand more about personalities, interests and values and how this information relates to careers and majors. Counselors can also provide support through the decision-making process, conquering career and graduate school fears and setting appropriate goals. Students may schedule an appointment for a career assessment, including the Strong Interest Inventory or FOCUS.


Resume' and Cover Letter Development

A strong resume' is necessary when searching for any kind of job. Meet with one of our staff members to strengthen and polish your resume' as you begin the job hunt! Don't have a resume'? Visit our office and we'll help you construct one to showcase your best skills and experiences. The earlier you start building a resume' in college, the more confident and prepared you will be when you apply for jobs!


Practice Interviews

It's been said that your first interview will be your worst; why not make that first interview, a PRACTICE interview? Sit down with one of our staff members and go through a real interview process - we'll ask you questions that are typically asked in an interview, referencing your resume', then tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are afterward. The best way to prepare for your first (or second, or tenth) interview is to PRACTICE! So call our office to make an appointment and put on your best interview suit for a practice interview today!


Resource Center

The Career Services office has an extensive resource center containing information on all things related to your major or chosen career. Books, files, periodicals - we have it all! Here you can find information on graduate schools, employer profiles, job search skills and techniques, salary/job demand information and employer directories. You will also find more references on interviews, resumes and information specific to your major or field. Even if you don't have a major, here you'll find resources showing you different jobs you can get with various majors.


Career Fairs and Workshops

Twice a year, Career Services hosts a Career Fair, where over 85 employers come to campus to recruit new hires. Many of these employers are looking for interns, Co-ops, part-time employees and full-time prospects. This is a fantastic opportunity for students and alumni to network, connect with potential employers and ask questions about the field or industry you are studying!

We also host a Teacher Job Fair twice a year for anyone who is interested in teaching. Representatives from schools throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and other states attend looking to meet potential hires and answer questions from students and alumni. You don't have to be an education major to attend this, however! Any student or alumni interested in the field of education is invited to attend!

Career Services hosts a variety of workshops throughout the school year to help students prepare for the future. From networking to interviewing to professional work attire, each workshop will help you to build the skills you need in order to be successful in the job hunt.


Eagle Employment

Students, this is a free online career center that includes part-time, full-time, cooperative education and internship jobs, as well as a mentor network. Students and alumni can also post resumes in the database that can be viewed by employers. A searchable employer database is available and on-campus interview schedules are accessible for viewing and sign-ups. Visit Eagle Employment to get started!

Employers, you are able to log on and create a profile for their organization, enter contact information, post positions, search for students to fill their positions, set up on-campus inteview schedules and register for career events. Employers are also able to create a Mentor profile within Eagle Employment where they can connect and guide a student or students in a career path within their industry or similiar to their own. Eagle Employment is a valuable resource, connecting employers and students, and there is no cost to employers for this service.


On-Campus Interviews

Many employers who are looking to fill open positions within their company come to campus each semester to conduct on-campus interviews with students. Interviews are advertised weeks ahead of time and take place in our private interview suites in the Career Services office. You can sign up for these interviews through Eagle Employment!

Part-time Employment

Career Services can assist students with their part-time employment needs and refer them to various positions in the following areas: off-campus jobs, odd jobs , internships and cooperative education. Part-time employment is a great way to earn money for college expenses, as well as gain work experience for the future. To see available part-time jobs, sign in to Eagle Employment!


Cooperative Education (Co-ops)

The Cooperative Education Program affords the student the opportunity to gain a complete education with periods of work related to the student’s major. The Cooperative Education coordinator assists in connecting with meaningful jobs that will give the student practical work experience and financial support to aid in his or her education. The basic qualifications for the undergraduate
Co-op Program are as follows:
1. The student must have a current and cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.
2. The student must have completed 30 semester hours.
3. The student must be in good standing with the university.
Some companies have additional application requirements.
The Cooperative Education coordinator will determine a student’s eligibility to participate in the program. Each student’s record of performance will be periodically reviewed once an active participant, and he or she may be placed on probation or removed from the program if failing to meet minimum requirements.

Employer Co-op Handbook (PDF)