Off Campus Part Time Employment (JLD)

Job Location and Development, JLD, is focused on creating off campus, part-time employment opportunities for students.

Eagle Employment is our online job database that allows you to search for all employment needs such as part time off campus jobs, summer jobs , part time on campus jobs and full time professional positions.  This website is available to all currently enrolled, degree seeking students at The University of Southern Mississippi. 

To login to your Eagle Employment account click   STUDENT EAGLE EMPLOYMENT LOGIN.

Your username is USM+Student ID.  If you have never logged in, your password is computer generated.  Please click the 'Forgot your password?' link to gain access.  You may change your password after you log on to the system. 


We post all part-time, off campus employment opportunities and internships on Eagle Employment. We do not place students in a job; we only provide information about job opportunities. It is up to the student to apply and follow up with the position/employer. 

In Eagle Employment, you are able to:

  • Search for jobs:  Hover over the ‘JOBS’ tab and click on ‘Job Search’ > In the Job Type Box, click on pull down menu > ‘Part Time Off Campus’ > ‘Close’ > ‘Search’. 
  • Get more information about the job(s) you are interested in by clicking on the job title. Details including salary, qualifications, description, work schedule, location, and how to apply.
  • Save a search, once you have selected the criteria for your job search, at the top of the results will be the option to 'Save Search', click on that and it will ask you to name that search and save. 
  • Receive job e-mail alerts, at the top of the results will be the option to 'Email me New Jobs', click on that and it will ask you to name that search and save. You will be notified by email when new opportunities come in.


The benefits of working off campus could be higher salary, and the availability of more working hours. There are a tremendous amount of employment opportunities in the community, everything from babysitting to clerical work and manual labor to food service and retail. 


JLD also offers “Odd Job” opportunities. These jobs are short-term and usually only require a few hours to complete. To receive email alerts when Odd Jobs are available log into to Eagle Employment > ‘My Account’ > ‘My Profile’ > ‘Edit’ > ‘Additional Information’ > ‘Job Preference’ and select 'Odd Job' and ‘Close’ and ‘Save’.


Job Seeking Tips and Strategies

Don’t wait
As important as it may be to find a job while going to school, students typically wait until the last possible minute to find a job. Start searching early so you don’t have to worry about limited options. Be familiar with the attributes employers seek during the application/interview process. These might include, but are not limited to:

 - Clearly communicate why you should be considered for the job.
 - Goal oriented
 - Positive attitude
 - Organized
 - Dependable
 - Professional time & attendance, be on time or early for an interview, and work, if you should get the job.
 - Appropriate, professional attire (neat & clean appearance)
 - FOLLOW UP!!!  After a period of time call and follow up with the manager, or whoever you interview with. Do not expect them to get back to you, you may have to call several times in order to receive their decision. Don't be a pest but most of the time persistence pays.
 - Find out where your friends work. If they like and recommend their work, they may be able to help you get your foot in the door.
 - Ask to speak to the manager when you turn in an application. Introducing yourself will always leave a good impression.
 - Bring a résumé and class schedule. If you take the job seriously, they will take you seriously.
 - Let them know what you have gained and learned from past work experience if you have it.


Personal Appointment – There are several professional staff who would be happy to assist you in your job search. You can come by the office in McLemore Hall, Room 125, or call 601.266.4153 to set up an appointment. Career Services serves only as a referral source and is not liable for any problems incurred as a result of such job referrals.

Non-discrimination policy The University of Southern Mississippi offers students equal access to all educational and programmatic activities that the university sponsors.  Students and employees participating in any University-sponsored program – including exchange programs, study abroad, cooperative learning experiences, field placement internships or student teaching – retain all rights and privileges in these off-campus experiences. Similarly, they also are responsible for all university codes of conduct, including consensual relationships, alcohol use, etc.

Employees and students who believe they are being treated differently in these settings because of age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, gender identity, genetic information, religion, race, color, national origin, and/or veteran status may contact the office of Affirmative Action/EEO and speak with either Linda Rasmusseny, interim director, or Ms. Victoria Young, EEO Specialist at 601.266.6618; email: or, or stop by 310 McLemore Hall on the Hattiesburg campus.