How Can I Help My Student?

How Can I Help My Student?

Let Your Student Make His or Her Own Choices: You may be tempted to have your student major in a particular area because it is a "HOT" field. In reality there is no such thing as a major that guarantees a job. Encourage your student to pursue something that she/he enjoys studying. That enjoyment will most likely translate into better grades, more focus, better skill development, a higher GPA. Those, plus the career explorations we speak of next, will make for a better resume upon graduation.

Encourage Exploration: Encourage your student to try different courses that may be of interest. Help them see the importance of all kinds of field experience (internships and co-ops), starting from their first year. Community service, club memberships, and other opportunities to demonstrate leadership ability, teamwork, time management, and other career-related skills that will help your student prepare for the world of work. Through this journey of discovery the student may uncover career disciplines and fields previously unknown.

Be Patient and Encouraging: Be careful of the dreaded question: "What are you going be when you grow up?” There are approximately 83,000 job titles in the US alone, and research is telling us that at this point in time, people are having 7-10 major jobs and three-four careers over the course of a lifetime. Instead, ask what career research s/he has done, what jobs (plural) interest her/him, what next steps (plural) s/he might take. Then, offer informational networking contacts. Help do some research. Be encouraging if s/he is getting frustrated.

Recommend Visits to Career Services: You probably won't know all the answers to the questions your student may have, but we can help. Your student is welcome here at any point from enrollment to after graduation. Our services are not mandatory – just extremely helpful and FREE!

How Can I Help Career Services?

Provide Internship Opportunities!
Internships  have never been quite as important as they are today. Internships provide valuable career education, professional skill development, and much needed experience. In return, student interns provide companies and other organizations with innovative, creative, energetic assistance in meeting goals. Internship programs also allow employers to screen potential full-time hires. If you or your employer has internship opportunities, feel free to register and post those opportunties or any others you may have in our online database, EAGLE EMPLOYMENT
Hire a Southern Miss Graduate!
Nothing is more helpful to students than helping them secure their first professional positions. The University of Southern Mississippi offers graduates who bring the latest academic training and professional skills to your organization. Whatever type of position you have available, we have a degree program that will meet your needs, and Career Services offers many different ways to find your perfect new hire. To record those newly hired Southern Miss graduates, please click HERE