Title: Graduate Assistant, Center for Community and Civic Engagement. 

*Job Description: Adheres to University and department policies, procedures, and regulations. 
Meet with students on a daily basis to be a resource and connect students with the agency that will fit their needs best. 
Assist in planning CCCE Sponsored Service Events (i.e. National Service Days like MLK Day, Make a Difference Day, Relay, etc. 
Provide volunteer supervision on site for large service event and volunteer group hosting. 
Maintains the database of volunteers, faculty, and community partners who are registered through CCCE. 
Assure that all events, dates and service opportunities are posted on the CCCE website. Constantly update website, newsletter and social media to reflect up to date information and to manage event sign-ins. 
Manage CCCE Website. 
Performs other related duties and specific assignments when called upon by the Director for CCCE. 
Qualifications: Must have federal work-study and Bachelors Degree. Ability to speak in front of large groups of people and flexibility to work non traditional hours.