The Service-Learning Seminar at The University of Southern Mississippi began in 2000 when Southern Miss, through the Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE), became one of six universities across the country selected to partner with Eastern Michigan University through a grant, Fund for the Improvement for Post Secondary Education (FIPSE), to provide professional development for university faculty through academic service-learning fellowships.

The grant provided funding for faculty release time for a faculty liaison to teach a service-learning seminar each spring semester.  Since then the seminar has engaged over 90 faculty in high quality service-learning. Faculty applications are accepted and 6 faculty are chosen annually to participate in the seminar.

The seminar assist faculty in designing, developing, and executing service-learning components in their existing curriculum. Faculty undertake their own project through the seminar where CCCE staff assist them in identifying and connecting with a community partner.

Faculty Fellows Alumni Contact List

Name Email
Ann Blackwell
 Mary Frances Nettles
Lin-Miao Lin Agler
Andrea Wesley
Ann Marie Kinnell
John Bishop 
Amy Chasteen Miller
Jeanne Gillespie
William Goggin
Richard Conville
Cindy Brown
Leah Fonder-Solano
Jeffrey Kaufmann
Susan Graham-Kresge
Dan Drane
William Powell
Rick Green
Elizabeth Leal
Mark Miller 
Mary Peters
Bob Press
Douglas Chambers
Bridget Hayden
Linda Pierce
Kenneth Rhinehart
Eura Jung
Shahid Karim
Mark Klinedinst
Delories Williams
Douglas Bristol
Eric Tribunella
Pat West
Nicolle Jordan
Andrew Haley
Mac Alford
Sherita Johnson
Jae-Hwa Shin
Kyeonghi Baek
Andrew Haley
Monika Gehlawat
Carmen Carracelas-Juncal
Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong
Joby Bass
Gregor Kay
Charles Sumner
Kristy Halverson
Brian Gearity
Bret Becton
Peter Pon
Louise Perkins  
David Holt
Mary Coyne
Casey Maugh
Beth LaFleur
Julie Parker
Jerry Alliston
Barry Cumbie
Tammy Greer
Susan Hart
Lois Sumrall
Bandana Kar
Forrest Lane
Sherrhonda Gibbs
Michael King
Jennifer Lemacks (Spring 2014)
Amy Yeend
(Spring 2014) 
Stacy Creel
(Spring 2014) 
Catharine Bomhold (Spring 2014) 
Brinn Strange
(Spring 2014) 
Laura Guglani
(Spring 2014) 
Matthew Casey (Spring 2014)