Spring 2014 Volunteer Events


Okatoma Creek Cleanup                           Friday April 25, 2014

Relay for Life                                           Friday April 25, 2014

CCCE Volunteer Banquet                          Monday April 28, 2014

Meaning of Service                                  Thursday May 1, 2014

Project Serve: Canada                            May 10 – 18, 2014

Volunteer Hattiesburg Events:                                      

Dream Tutoring Project- Monday through Thursday we offer a free after school tutoring and enrichment program for Hattiesburg's youth, grades k-5 through 12th. The program provides each child with a mentor who helps them complete their homework and focuses on strengthening academic subject areas. During our program hours, DREAM offers an enrichment curriculum that focuses on positive actions and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Contact if interested-dream.lindav@dreamofhattiesburg.org

Childer Shelter Volunteers-South Mississippi Children's Center(SMCC), children's shelter, is in need of adult volunteers 21 years of age above to attend weekend outings with our children. Outings, such as, skating, bowling, movies, USM events, etc. Volunteer must pass a background check.

Contact if interested -info@mchscares.org

 Hospice Volunteer-Volunteers needed one to three hours a week in our service area. Need volunteers willing to sit with patients. This allows the primary caregiver to make doctors appointments, run errands, or rest. There is no personal care involved. We only provide supervision and companionship. 

Contact if interested- (601) 288-2500 or 1-800-844-8797

 Habitat for Humanity-We build homes in both Forrest and Lamar counties. We use volunteers to do 99% of the manual labor on each home. This allows a family in our program to purchase their Habitat home at the cost of the supplies, because the manual labor was donated! If you are looking for a hands-on way to powerfully impact the Hattiesburg community, look no further.

Contact if interested-601.582.4663 or info@hattiesburghabitat.org

Volunteer Math Tutor-We are looking for fun, energetic, and loving math tutors that are passionate about helping young students succeed. The math tutor must be willing to work in very diverse environments, and have the ability to adapt to students in any given situation.

Contact if interested-(601) 336-7940

Tutor Finacial literacey-very month, Friends for Financial Freedom offers a 10-hour financial literacy course. The class meets five (5) times for a duration of two hours per session. Classes are typically small, with 5-12 participants. Course content focuses on budgeting, saving, avoiding money traps (e.g., payday loans, car title loans), and preventing thoughtless spending. 

Instructors are needed to teach the financial literacy course. Instruction involves familiarizing yourself with the content, and using examples and stories to explain the content to class participants. Classes are also heavily oriented toward discussion and getting the participants involved so they can easily relate the content to their situation. 

Contacted if interested-601-452-4622

OneHarvest Food Ministery-A ministry networked with OneHarvest Food Ministries of Loganville, GA, distributing hundreds of high-quality, low-cost nutritious food boxes on a monthly basis to families from a five-county area. Once a month, we team with our local volunteers to handout these boxes to our guest who have pre-purchased the food boxes. 

Contacted if interested- 601-582-5683


 After-School Program Volunteers

We are looking for passionate volunteers to tutor and mentor students in our after-school program. Students will need assistance in Mathematics and English primarily, and may sometimes have special projects. This position is mostly suited for someone very energetic, and someone who can work well with students from different backgrounds

Contact if interested -601-336-7940


 R3SM Clean up Crew

Calling all neat freaks! Volunteer repair teams provide much-needed renovations to damaged homes, but often have no time for clean-up. We would greatly appreciate assistance cleaning up the remains of the demolition process. Estimated time to complete the project with 8-10 volunteers is about 4 hours from the start of work. 

Since this is a private property, volunteers are required to pre-register on site with R3SM at the Volunteer House (301 Buschman St. Hattiesburg). Contact Alex Corban to get involved with this project! 

 Contact if interested-601.544.5115



 Bear Creek Music Festival 

 Volunteers needed to help the vendors in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening.  The festival is very family-oriented during the morningand afternoon hours.  The later hours will feature more adult beveragesand music. We need volunteers that can work during these hours who willthrive in a fun environment. If you are interested in being a volunteer for the Bear Creek Music Festival, please contact Chelsea Dillon by email (ChelSwan09@gmail.com)