Peter Pon



B.S., (National Taiwan University), Ph.D. (Analytical Chemistry), University of Alberta

Research interests:
My research interest is in the heterogeneous phase titrations, the use of heterogeneous phase in the separations of closed related compounds. Phase studies of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons; phase studies of hydrocarbons and surfactant.

I teach at the Department of Chemistry of the USM Gulf Coast Campus. I am mainly responsible for General Chemistry I & II, and Analytical Chemistry courses. USM Gulf Campus doesn’t have Chemistry major, but many students who study related fields are able to obtain a Chemistry minor degree after taking additional Chemistry classes such as my Analytical Chemistry. I am also responsible for CHE392, the Independent Research class for undergraduate students. Students would be able to take part more researches by taking this class. Additionally I teach one semester of CHE104, a Chemistry elective for non-major students.