Child Externalizing Behaviors Lab

Students' Projects


Projects by Current Graduate Students and Honors Students in the Child Externalizing Behaviors Lab:



Erin Clarke (5th year doctoral student)

Dissertation: Do social communication skills mediate the relation between ADHD and relationship satisfaction?

Thesis: A meta-analysis of component treatment studies: Are the parts as good as the whole? (completed with former major professor)


Ted Tomeny (4th year doctoral student)

Dissertation: Relation between behavior problems of children with an autism spectrum disorder and adjustment in their typically-developing siblings: Role of parental distress and perceptions of social support. Thesis: The relation between externalizing behaviors of children with an autism spectrum disorder and the externalizing behaviors, internalizing symptoms, and social problems of their typical siblings


Gunner Goodlad (4th year doctoral student)

Dissertation: Does video game use exacerbate the relation between neuropsychological deficits and ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents?

Thesis: Lead and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms: A meta-analysis (completed with former major professor)


Laura Cook (3rd year doctoral student)

Dissertation:  Cyberbullying project (in development)

Thesis: Social status inflation, narcissism, and aggression: The role of peer victimization as a potential moderator


Kristy DiSabatino (2nd year doctoral student)

Thesis: Family structure and child emotion regulation difficulties as important factors in the relation between maternal depression and child externalizing behaviors


Elizabeth Fair (1st year doctoral student)

Thesis: Endophenotypes and autism spectrum disorders project (in development)


Meredith Manguno (honors student)

Thesis: The relation of ADHD characteristics to positive illusory bias among elementary gifted students: IQ as a possiblel moderator


Brandi Ellis (honors student)

Thesis: The relation between expressive language and social skills in children with Down syndrome: Examination of pressure equalization tube placement during critical developmental periods



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