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Graduate School Forms

  • Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Plan of Study  Should file during your first semester in the program; once you earn your M.A., you will need to refile a plan of study for your Ph.D. degree; requires signatures (Excel file)
  • Progress To Degree Forms  Forms to file with the graduate school when you (1) form your thesis or dissertation committee; (2) propose your thesis or dissertation; (3) defend your thesis or dissertation; or (4) pass your masters or doctoral comprehensive exam (masters comps filed at time of thesis defense; program will file your doctoral comps results); see the Program Handbook for guidance on which forms to file when; all forms require signatures (Excel file)

 When completing forms, report your major as Psychology and your emphasis as Clinical.


Graduate School Links

  • Graduation Deadlines  Deadlines to file an application for your M.A. or Ph.D. degree as well as deadlines to submit various aspects of your thesis or dissertation to graduate; KNOW THIS PAGE
  • Graduate Reader & Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines  Guidelines for contacting the graduate reader, formatting your title page for thesis or dissertation, and formatting your final thesis or dissertation document for the Graduate School; title page requires signatures
  • Application for Degree  An application must be filed mid-semester the semester BEFORE you will graduate; requires signatures

Don't forget: The Contact Graduate Reader Form as well as an email to the Graduate Reader with an attachment of the thesis/dissertation title page are due a semester before you graduate (or due before your defense if defending early). ALSO, you must email the Graduate Reader to let her know when a final defense of the thesis or dissertation is scheduled (at least 10 business days before the defense).


Program Forms and Resources

  • Paperwork and Procedural Checklist for Students This document is also Appendix H in the Handbook. Please consult this checklist for each of your major milestones to ensure you are following procedures and handling paperwork appropriately. Also, read the appropriate section of the Handbook for each major milestone for important, specific details of the process! These steps are the student's responsibility. [Note: Open in Adobe Acrobat to ensure formatting is intact, particularly if accessing in Firefox.]
  • Clinical Ph.D. Advising Form  A form that will be kept on file with the DCT and returned to you each semester for updating for advising (PDF file)
  • Annual Student Activity Report (SAR) A form completed at the beginning of each summer semester about your student activities for the previous 12 months; used to inform your annual student evaluation (Word file)
  • MyPsychTrack Online clinical hours counting tool (contact DCT for our program's code for free registration and use throughout your time in the program)

Other Links