Youth Personality and Behavior Lab



The Youth Personality and Behavior Lab under the direction of Dr. Chris Barry conducts research focused broadly on risk and protective factors regarding youth conduct problems and delinquency. More specifically, our research primarily investigates the role of intrapersonal variables (e.g., self-esteem, narcissism, callous-unemotional traits) in the development and maintenance of problem behavior. Parallel to this inquiry is our interest in aspects of self-esteem or narcissism that could be adaptive or lead to healthier outcomes. One of the unique contributions of our work is to delineate between youth narcissism and self-esteem both theoretically and based on their empirical link to outcomes such as conduct problems and delinquency. Some of our more recent work has examined the role of narcissism in how individuals portray themselves and view others on social media.


Finally, we are interested in the cognitive and behavioral coping strategies employed by youth with problematic self-esteem, narcissism, or callous-unemotional traits in the face of negative or threatening events. Thus, our current and future plans include applying our findings regarding intrapersonal risk and protective factors to cognitive-behavioral interventions for youth who exhibit aggression or other problem behaviors.




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Dr. Barry will not be accepting a graduate student for Fall 2015 admissions.