Faculty and Staff



Our faculty consists of accomplished researchers and experienced teachers who are leaders in, and major contributors to, the communication discipline. We have received Southern Miss Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Service awards; the Southern States Communication Association’s Outstanding Teacher, Distinguished Service, and Communication Theory and Gender Studies Divisions’ Outstanding Scholar awards; the Southern Regional Education Board Faculty Mentor Award, and the National Communication Association’s Golden Anniversary Monograph Award. Grants from the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institutes of Health, and the Mississippi Humanities Council have funded research and other activities in our department. The faculty have produced 12 books and published more than 170 articles in dozens of books and virtually all journals sponsored by our professional associations. We have twice served as journal editors and four have been elected President of the Southern States Communication Association. You will find us to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and supportive.


Kathryn Anthony (Ph.D., University of Kentucky). Assistant Professor. Teaching and research interests focus on organizational health communication and risk and crisis communication. 475 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4272. kathryn.anthony@usm.edu

Wendy Atkins-Sayre (Ph.D., University of Georgia). Associate Professor and Director of the Speaking Center. Teaching and research interests focus on social movement rhetoric, feminist criticism, public controversy discourse, and rhetorical criticism. 471 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4271. wendy.atkinssayre@usm.edu. http://atkinssayre.wordpress.com

Marcus J. Coleman (Ph.D., University of Georgia). Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Communication Studies. Teaching and research interests include voter identification legislation, patriotism as civic engagement, and political ideology. Southern Hall 215.  601.266.6275 marcus.coleman@usm.edu

Richard L. Conville (Ph.D., Louisiana State University). Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies and Service Learning.  Teaching and research center on interpersonal communication, and, in particular, the role of communication in constructing relationships. He uses qualitative methods to interpret and understand conflicts between adults' personal and professional lives and dilemmas encountered in interracial communication

Keith V. Erickson (Ed.D., University of Michigan). Professor. Teaching and research interests include presidential and political communication, and rhetorical theory and criticism. Recent studies include first lady diplomacy, rhetoric of seduction, presidential photo opportunities, travel, and news leaks. 477 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4273. keith.erickson@usm.edu

Casey Malone Maugh Funderburk (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University). Interim Associate Provost - Gulf Coast Campus. Associate Professor of Communication Studies. Research interests include political rhetoric, visual rhetoric, public memory, and women's studies. Teaches on the Gulf Coast campus. 228.214.3309casey.maugh@usm.edu 

Lawrence A. Hosman (Ph.D., University of Iowa). Professor. Teaching and research focus on the role of language in social influence and persuasion, with particular attention to how messages can be constructed to better influence attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of audiences. 478 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4279. lawrence.hosman@usm.edu.http://ocean.otr.usm.edu/~w305727/

Eura Jung (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University). Associate Professor. Research and teaching interests include intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, quantitative research methods, and identity and mental health issues. 472 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4276. eura.jung@usm.edu

John C. Meyer (Ph.D., University of Kansas). Professor. Teaches and researches organizational communication, conflict management, and humor. Currently studying how humor in communication influences relationships, persuasion, and organizational culture; also exploring how children’s communication strategies inday care centers enact organizational and family values. 470 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4280. john.meyer@usm.edu http://ocean.otr.usm.edu/~w305698/

L. Paul Strait (Ph.D., University of Southern California). Assistant Professor & Director of Forensics. Teaches and researches rhetoric, argumentation, social theory, medical humanities, and science & technology studies. Currently studying the intersection of risk, social movements, and institutional change as played out in scientific controversies. 476 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4286. L.Strait@usm.edu  lpaulstrait.com

Charles H. Tardy (Ph.D., University of Iowa). Department Chair. Professor. Teaches courses on interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, intercultural communication and research methods. Research interests center on how social interaction affects health and illness, especially cardiovascular diseases. 474 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4278.charles.tardy@usm.edu

Steven J. Venette (Ph.D., North Dakota State University). Associate Professor. Teaching and research interests include risk and crisis communication, organizational communication, and argumentation. Recent projects include work for the Department of Homeland Security's National Center for Food Protection and Defense, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine, and USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. 473 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4325.steven.venette@usm.edu


Graduate Assistants

Victoria Brown (M.A., Colorado State University). 446 Liberal Arts Building.  601.266.4271. Victoria.L.Brown@eagles.usm.eduvictorialeebrown.wordpress.com

Kevin Bryant (M.A., Valdosta State University). Assistant Forensics Coach. 446 Liberal Arts Building.  601.266.4987.kevin.bryant@eagles.usm.edu 

Piyawan Charoensap (M.A., Southeastern Louisiana University). Speaking Center, 117 Cook Library. 601.266.4987. Piyawan.Charoensap@eagles.usm.edu

Amanda S. Cline (M.A., Angelo State University). 445 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4987. amanda.s.cline@eagles.usm.edu  http://amandastarcline.weebly.com/ 

Seth Fendley (M.A., Arkansas State University) 446 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4987 seth.fendley@eagles.usm.edu

Sean Fourney (M. A., West Chester University) 445 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4987 sean.fourney@eagles.usm.edu

Mo Ismail (B.A., University of Southern Mississippi) Speaking Center 117 Cook Library 601.266.4965. mohamed.ismail@eagles.usm.edu

Amy Lionberger (M.A., Auburn University). 445 Liberal Arts Building.601.266.4987. amy.lionberger@eagles.usm.edu

Colleen Mestayer (M.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette). 445 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4987. colleen.mestayer@eagles.usm.edu 

Brian Perna (M.A., New Mexico State University). 446 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4271. brian.perna@eagles.usm.edu

Carrie Reif (M.A., Auburn University). 445 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4987. carrie.reif@eagles.usm.edu 

Carley Young (M.A., University of Illinois Springfield). Speaking Center, 117 Cook Library. 601.266.4965. carley.reynolds@eagles.usm.edu https://carleyryoung.wordpress.com/



Adjunct and Part-time Instructors

Frankie Glennis (M.S., University of Southern Mississippi J.D., University of Mississippi). 601.266.4965.frankie.glennis@usm.edu

Nicole Magee (M.A., University of Southern Mississippi). 601.266.6813 Nicole.Magee@usm.edu

Grant McKay (M.S., University of Southern Mississippi). 601.266.4965 grant.mckay@eagles.usm.edu

Angela Mozingo Murray (M.S., University of Southern Mississippi). 601.266.4965 

Jenny Tate (Gulf Park) (M.S., University of Southern Mississippi). 601.266.4965.jenny.tate@usm.edu

Melody Tate (M.S., University of Southern Mississippi). 601.266.4965. melody.tate@usm.edu



Mary Jo McKay (B.S., University of Southern Mississippi). Administrative Assistant. 467 Liberal Arts Building. 601.266.4271. maryjo.mckay@usm.edu