Economic Development


Recognizing the importance of economic growth and prosperity in our region, The University of Southern Mississippi has taken a primary role in cultivating future generations of economic leaders.

Through the use of comprehensive training programs, the Department of Economic and Workforce Development is equipping professionals to compete effectively in today’s ever-changing economy. 

Trent Lott National Center

Established in March 2010, the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (TLNC) is the leader in economic development for the state of Mississippi and beyond the state’s borders. The center is driven by passion, determination and commitment to be a leading force in advancing global competitiveness through knowledge-led economic development.

In pursuit of this vision, the TLNC is a catalyst, resource and convener--providing robust, relevant research, education and resources to the Southern Miss community, to economic development practitioners, and local, regional and state leaders, as well as engaging the community with a full spectrum of economic development topics.

The center excels at finding solutions at the intersection of academic research and practical challenges. The TLNC collaborates with the Master of Science in Economic Development program to produce graduates who personify this linkage between practice and theory.


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Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation (CLTT)

The CLTT provides a competitive advantage to logistics and supply chain industry and government agencies through its multidisciplinary activities in Logistics, Trade and Transportation. Logistics, Trade and Transportation encompass the movement of goods and people (logistics) through the most efficient means (intermodal transportation) to achieve economic development (trade). The creation of the Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation is the result of an integrated effort of industry, government and The University of Southern Mississippi

The CLTT have an emphasis through the Americas, enhanced by memoranda of understanding between The University of Southern Mississippi and universities in Panama. Mississippi Gov. has called the creation of the CLTT a "great fit" with the planned expansions of the Panama Canal and the Mississippi State Port at Gulfport.

The impact of the activities hosted at the CLTT directly benefit industry and government agencies through its mission to:

Respond to the Gulf-region government and industry stakeholders’ need for the creation and dissemination of practical, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary knowledge and technologies to advance logistics, trade and transportation; foster economic development; and promote an integrated freight system within the Americas


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Economic and Workforce Development

Preparing leaders for today’s new economy, the Southern Miss Department of Economic and Workforce Development offers degree programs that prepare students with the skills they need to become professionals.

Graduates go on to advance the quality of life of the communities they serve as economic developers and specialists in applied technology and workforce training and development.


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The Garden

The cultivation of state-of-the-art technology, innovative products and services is in full swing on the site of what was once The University of Southern Mississippi’s golf course and before that a college farm.

Known as The Garden, the university’s 521-acre innovation and commercialization park transforms the university’s cutting-edge research into valued products and services for the marketplace.

It is also home to the National Formulation Science Laboratory, which houses laboratory space, a business incubator and other facilities; the Mississippi Polymer Institute; Vindris Development Company; and other organizations working in concert with the Area Development Partnership to expedite the movement of innovative research from the lab to the marketplace.


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