FY 2014 Year End Close


For more detailed information regarding the FY 2014 year end close, click here.

Electronic W-2s Offered


The Office of the Controller, Payroll is introducing an option allowing employees to elect to receive electronic W-2 forms in place of mailed paper W-2 forms. IRS regulations, which allow employers to provide the option of electronic W-2 forms instead of a paper format, require that each employee give his/her consent to receive an electronic W-2 in place of a paper version. The deadline to consent to electronic receipt of 2013 W-2 forms is Monday, January 20, 2014.

Payroll realizes this is short notice and expects this first year to be somewhat of a pilot.  If you prefer to continue receiving a printed W-2, no action is required on your part. Those consenting to electronic W-2s will not have a printed version mailed out. 

If you would like to consent to electronic W-2, click here for more information and instructions.


MDRs for August 2014

SOARFIN users who have attended training to view budget activity may now access monthly detail reports for August 2014 by logging into SOARFIN and following the instructions located at  Please note that budget period equals fiscal year, not calendar year, on the chartfield data entry page.  Please enter 2015 as budget period.


Listed below are points of contact.  These individuals may answer some of your questions, but some questions may be directed to other employees. 

Questions concerning retrieving and viewing the monthly detail report or the departmental deposit report, including any SOARFIN training issues:  Sally Downey, Controller’s Office at 6-6677 or by email at or Sherri Turner, Controller’s Office at 6-4084 or by email at



Questions concerning General, Auxiliary, and Designated Fund Codes – 10X10, 12X10, 13X10, 14XXX, and 50H10:  Sally Downey, Controller’s Office at 6-6677 or by email at or Sherri Turner, Controller’s Office at 6-4084 or by email at



Questions concerning Restricted Fund Codes – 16XXX:  Heather Richey, Sponsored Program Administration at 6-4119 or by email at



Questions concerning USM Gulf Coast Fund Codes – XXGXX:  Donna Valestro at 5-4571 or by email at



Questions concerning USM Gulf Coast Research Lab Fund Codes – XXLXX:  Kelly Rooney at 2-4230 or by email at  



SOAR Monthly Time and Attendance Report issues with Internet Explorer 10

Issues have been reported when using Internet Explorer Version 10 to complete the Monthly Time and Attendance reporting in SOAR. For those using IE10, please go to Tools and select Compatibility View. Once the selection has been made, close out all IE browsers that remain open. Open a new browser in order to access SOAR.

As an alternative solution, use another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access SOAR. Please see the links below to download the alternate web browsers if needed.

If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk at 601.266.4357.

To download Mozilla Firefox, click here.

To download Google Chrome, click here.


The web version of EagleVision has been taken down. To replace the EagleVision website, budget strings and signature authorities can now be queried directly in SOARFIN. Everyone with access to SOARFIN should now have access to the new EagleVision pages under USM Procedures.

For instructions on how to use the new EagleVision page and query, please download the how-to document online.

If you have access to SOARFIN but are unable to access the EagleVision page and/or query, please complete the email contact form.

If you do not have access to SOARFIN but would like to gain access, please sign up for a training session through SOAR. More information on the GL Combo training session and how to sign up can be found online.