Departmental Steps for Gift Card Purchases


Requesting approval for purchase:


Step 1:   Is the purchase going to be charged to a grant?


               If yes, proceed to Step 2

              If no, and charged to Educational and General (E&G) budget call the Tax Compliance Officer for

              approval (6-4102)

              If no and charged to Designated (DE) budget, call the Office of Fiscal Planning & Analysis for approval  

              (6-6755), then proceed to Step 3.



Step 2:   When gift cards are purchased with grant funds, complete the giftcard_purchase_request_form.xlsx and

                 forward the form to Office of Research Administration, Box 5157.


                 Office of Research Administration will send approved form to Purchasing.  ** proceed to Step 4



                 If Office of Research Administration does not approve the purchase, the form will be returned to

                 department. No gift card purchase is authorized.


Step 3:   Complete the giftcard_purchase_request_form.xlsx and forward the form to Purchasing, Box 5003.     


Step 4:   Once the purchase has been approved, notification will be sent by Purchasing to the department as well as the

                Office of the Controller.            


Step 5:   Purchase can be made


Procedures after approval:          


Step 1:   Purchase can be made by Pcard or by Personal funds to be reimbursed.      


Step 2:   The department is responsible for keeping giftcard_log-1.xlsxwhen gift cards are distributed. 


Step 3:   If gift cards are purchased on Pcard, proceed to Step 4

               If gift cards are purchased with personal funds, proceed to Step 5


Step 4:   When entering purchase information into RESOLVE, upload approvedgiftcard_purchase_request_form.xlsx

                 along with copies of receipts into RESOLVE. For questions regarding RESOLVE, contact Purchasing

                  at 6-4 131 

                  ** Proceed to Step 6      


Step 5:   When purchases are made with personal funds, complete an Employee Reimbursement Voucher. 

               Attach a copy of the Request for Gift Card Purchase form and original receipts to the Voucher and send them

               to Accounts Payable at Box 5104.


               For questions regarding this step, contact Accounts Payable at 6-4131


               **Proceed to Step 6       


Step 6:   The giftcard_purchase_request_form.xlsx should be sent monthly to the Office of the Controller at Box 5143 unless other arrangements have been

                approved by the Tax Compliance Officer.












  **Any gift cards that are not distributed to participants at the end of a grant should be returned to the store of purchase for credit.  A copy of the return receipt should be attached to final log and sent to OBTC.  Any gift cards not returned for credit will be added to the income of the PI and reported on his or her W-2**