SOARFIN Training

The Controller’s Office offers SOARFIN training classes called GLCOMBO (General Ledger Combo).  The GLCOMBO training is divided into 3 courses that cover the following topics:


  • EagleVision
  • Understanding the Budget String
  • Budgets Overview
  • Running and Understanding the Monthly Detail Report (MDR)


  • Tips and In-Depth Discussion on Reconciling MDRs
  • How To Setup Multiple MDRs to run concurrently
  • Running, Understanding and Reconciling the Payroll Distribution Report (PDR)


  • Prerequisite:  Completion of GLCOMBO 1 & 2; comfortable with the topics/techniques covered in those courses.
  • Detailed Discussion About Budget Strings
  • Drilling Down for Detail in Budgets Overview
  • How To Use Budgets Overview To Help Reconcile Your MDR and Other Tips for Resolving Discrepancies
  • Departmental Deposit Report
  • Tips and Discussion On Handling Budget Errors


To register for the GLCOMBO class, log-in to SOAR and use the following navigation:

  • Self Service/USM Self Service/SOAR/SOARFIN Training
  • From the drop down menu for Course Type, select SOARFIN Training and hit SEARCH
  • Based on course date, select the course you would like to attend. 
  • Click on ENROLL IN CLASS

The GLCOMBO training class is conducted in the International Building, Room 102.

If you are unable to attend a group session, please contact Sally Downey,, for other training options. 



GLCOMBO 1 Training Document

GLCOMBO 2 Training Document

GLCOMBO 3 Training Document