waiting areaThe Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic provides affordable outpatient counseling to the Hattiesburg community. Our clients also include students, staff, and faculty from the University of Southern Mississippi. We offer individual and couples counseling to adults and adolescents (16+). We specialize in therapies that are supported by research (i.e., evidence-based treatments).

Individual Counseling

We all need help from time-to-time, and meeting with a counselor can be a great way to overcome problems, gain perspective, or learn new skills. Examples of common concerns with which we assist people in individual counseling include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship issues
  • Family concerns
  • Academic/occupational issues (e.g., time management, study skills, assertiveness)
  • Anger
  • Parent training
  • Self-esteem

Couples Counseling

Most intimate relationships will face challenges where it can be helpful to talk with a counselor. We provide couples counseling to assist couples with managing conflict, communicating more effectively, negotiating roles, coping with transitions, and dealing with infidelity.

Services Not Provided

As a training clinic, we are not able to provide certain types of services, including:

  • Emergency or walk-in appointments
  • Medical supervision or psychiatric medication
  • Chemical dependency treatment

Individuals who need substantial case management, on-going medication adjustments, and/or emergency access are generally not appropriate for a training clinic. In addition, we are not able to provide services where court testimony is likely to be needed.