A bibliography of Oral History Interviews on the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.


The research was conducted in the fall of 1997 by the staff members at The University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage and at the Tougaloo College Archives. The work was funded by the Mississippi State Legislature through a grant administered jointly by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and the Mississippi Humanities Council, which also contributed some funding.

How to use the bibliography:

The bibliography is divided into three sections. The first section is a listing of every interview we found. Those interviews are alphabetized by the person's last name. Many people, of course, have recorded more than one interview. Each interview is listed separately under the person's name. The second section lists all of the archives with mailing, phone, and other contact information.

The information is as complete as possible within the time frame of the project. Archives are alphabetized by the first word in the archive name (i.e., John F. Kennedy Library is alphabetized under "J"). Individual collections are listed under the archives where they reside (i.e., the Ralph Bunche Oral History Collection can be found under Howard University). The last section is a subject index. The subject index lists topics and the names of people discussed in interviews. People who are both subject listings and have an oral history listed in this bibliography are noted with an asterisk (*) by their names. 

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