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Contact person/title: Hank T. Holmes, director
Telephone: 601-359-6876
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Hours: Monday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Tuesday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Closed for state holidays.
Services/Restrictions: The archives are open to the public. Researchers must complete a researcher identification form and present a photo ID. Only notebooks, note cards, and pencils may be taken into the reading room. No pens are allowed. Computers, typewriters, and recording devices are permitted in the reading room provided they do not disturb other researchers. All other personal belongings are stored in lockers. Only one electrical outlet is available for recharging computer batteries. The archives do not have facilities for listening to reel-to-reel tapes. No cameras or other types of mechanical duplicating equipment are allowed in the search room. Researchers may photocopy processed materials themselves for 20 cents a page, or they can order transcripts through the mail. Inquire about fees.


1. General oral history collection

Included in the general oral history collection are 20 interviews relating specifically to the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Ross Barnett Vincent and Rosemarie Harding George Owens
Gerald Henry Blessey Claire Collins Harvey John R. Salter Jr.
Ernst Borinski Aaron Henry Pete Seeger
Clarice T. Campbell Paul B. Johnson Jr. William J. Simmons
John Dittmer Edwin King Shelton Stromquist
Charles Evers Anne Moody Hollis Watkins
John Garner Amzie Moore


2. Washington County Oral History Project

The Washington County Library System has initiated an oral history project in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The goal of the project is to place in the Carter Room of the William Alexander Percy Memorial Library the transcripts of interviews made during the project. The material will be cataloged by interviewee names and subject headings. Copies of certain interviews will also be placed in other libraries. The original tapes will be stored at the Department of Archives and History, with copies available upon written request. The interviewees were longtime residents of Greenville/Washington County area. Below are listed of the project's interviews that relate directly to the Mississippi civil rights movement.

Bernice née Roper Bell Noble Rucker Frisby Frank Patterson
Lamar Bessie Jackson Britton Bessie Burnely Givhan Benjamin A. Wade
James Elliot Carter Ephsanna Hollins
George Davis Charles Moore


3. Murrah High School Oral History Project

This project comprises 44 interviews conducted in 1978 by high school students. The students interviewed other former students, teachers, school administrators, members of the school boards, and local residents who were involved in the desegregation of Murrah High School in Jackson. Below are listed 20 of those interviews:

Pauline Carter Marina Irvin Kisiah Waller Nolan
Bert Case Lonnie King Judy Ritter
Phyllis Day Mary Kyle Jerome Smith
Bee Donley James Mangum Marjorie Hood Walker
Richard Dortch Walter M. Manyfield John Smith Weems
Gladys Gilmore William Edward Milner Amos Wright
Mary Ann Hatten Ann Minton


4. Lyndon Baines Johnson Oral History Project.

These interview transcripts are part of a collection sent to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History by the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in connection with the University of Texas at Austin. Included in this collection are interviews with prominent Mississippians conducted by interviewers from the Johnson Oral History Project. The Department of Archives and History does not have any of the cassette tapes. All of the interviews have the following restriction: "Not to be duplicated. Permission of Director, Archives and Library Division, or oral historian required." The Johnson Oral History Project also has a separate listing in this bibliography.

Hodding Carter Jr. Aaron Henry Joseph Rauh
Ramsey Clark Nicholas D. Katzenbach
Charles Evers Burke Marshall


5. Anne Romaine's Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Oral History Collection

The following interviews are part of a series done by Anne Romaine with individuals directly connected with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and received by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History from the Wisconsin State Historical Society as part of an oral history exchange program, April 1981. None of the interviews has tapes. All have the following restriction: "Permission of Director of Archives and Library Division or oral historian required for duplication." This interview collection is also held by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Action.

Ella Baker Robert Kastenmeier Joseph Rauh
Annie Devine Edwin King Mendy Samstein
Ivanhoe Donaldson Sandy Leigh Walter Tillow
Lawrence Guyot Allard Lowenstein
Fannie Lou Hamer Robert (Bob) Parris Moses


6. Alec C. Valentine Interviews

Alec Valentine has conducted forty-three interviews in connection with a book he is writing about desegregation in Mississippi public schools. The interviews were conducted during the summers of 1983 and 1984. To date only the six interviewees listed below have signed deeds of gift giving them to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Deeds of gift are being sought for the rest of the interviews. All interviews are on cassettes. None have been transcribed.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Caston Travis Higgenbotham Mrs. Jaques Waide
Bubba Davis Dorothy Tennyson Ralph Weems

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