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Interviewee Index C

Cableton, Robert
Cade, Cathy
Cameron, John E.                     Transcript
Campbell, Annyce
Campbell, Clarice T.
Campbell, Johnny
Campbell, Will Davis
Camphor, Arthur Lee
Carew, Collin
Carmichael, Gil
Carmichael, Stokely
Carpenter, Mosella
Carr, Andrew R.
Carr, Michael                        Transcript
Carr, Oscar
Carr, Sam
Carter, Betty W.
Carter, Hodding, Jr.
Carter, Hodding, III
Carter, James Elliot
Carter, Mae Bertha
Carter, Pauline
Carthan, Eddie                    Transcript
Case, Bert
Caston, Mr. andMrs. Hubert
Catchings, Troy                    Transcript
Cauthen, Jack
Chapman, Don
Cheek, Luke
Chinn, C.O.
Chinn, C.O., and Robert Chinn
Chinn, C.S., II
Chinn, Mamie McClendon
Chinn, Robert
Cikins, Warren I.
Clark, Colia Liddel, and Liddell, Lewis
Clark, Dolly
Clark, Fred, Sr.                           Transcript
Clark, Leon
Clark, Obie                                Transcript
Clark, Ramsey
Clark, Robert G.
Clark, Septima
Clark, Tom C.
Clarke, Alyce Griffin
Clegg, Hugh H.
Clemson, Barry                        Transcript
Clower, Jerry
Cobb, Charles                            Transcript
Cobb, Charles and Ivanhoe Donaldson

Cochran, Thad
Cohen, James                             Transcript
Cohen, Pat
Cole, Charlene
Cole, Ed
Coleman, James P.
Coleman, Mary
College Students, Negro; Rust College
Collier, Clinton
Collins, Earl
Colmer, William M.
Combs, Claudia Tillman
Conner, Douglas L.
Conway, Jack T.
Conwell, Daisie
Cook, Clearese                           Transcript
Cooper, Owen
Corban, Emma
Corbin, Paul
Cotton, Douglas M.
Courts, Gus
Cowan, Geoffrey
Cowan, Patricia
Cox, Courtland
Cox, Robert
Crawford, Homer
Crawford, John Jr.
Crawford, O.D.
Crouse, Melburn
Crump, Brodie
Cunningham, William Jefferson
Curry, Constance

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