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Interviewee Index L

Lacey, James H., Jr.
Lafayette, Bernard
Lafayette, Colia
Lampman, Robert J.
Landers, Maurice
Lane, Dewey
Lane, Mary
Latham, Pearl
Lauderdale, Mary
Lawson, Belford V.
Lawson, Marjorie McKenzie
Layton, Reber                        Transcript
Leach, Herman
Lee, Clay F.
Leigh, Sandy
Levin, Susan
Levin, Tom
Lewis, Arthur B.
Lewis, Jan
Lewis, John
Lewis, Jonny
Lewis, Nathaniel H.
Lichtman, Elliot
Liddell, Lewis
Liddell, Wesley
Lindsey, Marie
Lindsey, West
Lockard, Jay
Logan, [no first name]
Long, Worth
Love, Robert
Lowenstein, Allard
Lucas, Earl
Lucas, William, Sr.
Luckett, Semmes
Lum, Bill
Lupkin, Efram
Lyells, Ruby Stutts

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