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Interviewee Index M

Mack, McKinley
Mack, Thelma
Magee, Ruby
Maller, Mike
Mangrum, Fred
Mangum, James
Manyfield, Walter M.
Maples, Darwin                            Transcript
Mars, Florence
Marshall, Burke
Marshall, Thurgood
Marshall, Willie May
Martin, Joe                                  Transcript
Martin, Louis E.
Martin, Nathaniel
Martin, Roberta
Martin, Ruby G.
Marx, Charles
Mason, Cleo
Mason, Cora
Mason, Gilbert
Matthews, David
Mazique, Mamie Lee
McCay, Dan
McClorine, Elonzo
McCrary, L.
McCollum, Mary
McCully, John
McDaniel, E.L.                         Transcript
McDaniel, Ozzie
McDaniel, Q.H., Jr.
McDew, Charles
McDougal, Charles
McDowell, Cleve
McFatter, Melvin M.
McGauley, Pat
McGhee, Silas
McLaurin, Charles
McLaurin, Virginia Ayles
McLemore, Eugene
McLemore, Leslie
McLemore, Nanmie
McNair, Lyndon
McNeil, Vickie
McRee, J.F.
McShane, James
McTeer, Victor
McWilliams, Dessie Davis
Meany, George
Meek, Ed
Meredith, James
Meredith, Mitchel
Merrick, Samuel V.
Meyers, Mr. andMrs. D. Glenn
Michaels, Sheila                           Transcript
Mikschl, Luke
Miles, Booker T.
Miles, Robert
Miller, Carolyn Turnipseed
Miller, Flossie
Miller, James
Milner, William Edward
Minniece, Thomas Y.
Minor, Wilson F. "Bill"
Minton, Ann
Mitchell, Clarence M., Jr.
Mitchell, Rosie
Monroe, Leander
Monroe, Otho Austin                    Transcript
Moody, Anne
Moore, Amzie
Moore, Charles
Moore, James
Moore, Montgomery
Moore, Octavia
Morris, Jessie
Moses, O.W.
Moses, Robert Parris
Myers, Lena; J.B. Williams and C.J. Duckworth
Myles, Annie
Myron, Nancy

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