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Interviewee Index W

Wade, Benjamin A.
Waide, Jaques
Walker, George Henry, Sr.
Walker, Margaret
Walker, Jonnie Mae
Walker, Marjorie Hood
Wallace, William
Walls, Eddie, Jr.
Walton, Terry
Warner, Julius
Warren, Earl G.
Washington, George, Sr.
Watkins, Hollis                        Transcript
Watson, Gladys J.
Webb, Dolly Marguerite Thompson
Weeks, Christopher
Weems, John Smith
Weems, Ralph
Wells, Katie
Wells, Linda
Wells, Mitchel
Wells, Thelma Crowder
West, Mattie
West, Phillip                            Transcript
Whipps, Mary Nell
Whisenton, Mary
Whisenton, Sam
White, Bernice
White, David
White, Dorsey
White, F. A.
White, Laverne
White racist, Greenwood, Mississippi
Wiesenburg, Karl
Wilkins, Roy
Williams, Beatrice
Williams, Calvin, Jr.
Williams, Cleveland
Williams, J. B.
Williams, John Bell
Williams, Jewell
Williams, Kenneth O.
Williams, Norma
Williams, Richard
Williams, Robert L.
Williams, Sollea
Willis, Ruth
Willis, Velma
Wilson, Rachel
Wilson, Willie
Winter, William
Winyard, Fred                        Transcript
Wise, Stanley
Wofford, Harris Llewellyns
Woodley, Willie T.
Wright, Amos
Wright, Robert E.
Wroten, Joseph E.                   Transcript

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