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Restrictions: In the fall of 1997, the center was in the process of moving its collection to renovated quarters and was closed until moving was completed. Because the collection was temporarily closed, no on-site compilation of material was possible. Bibliography researchers relied on Center staff to provide all information about the collection. To use the collection, researchers must call and make an appointment.
Services: The staff will photocopy unrestricted transcripts and documents. Inquire about fees.


1. General oral history collection

Number of interviews: 351
Number of transcripts: Few have been transcribed
Number of tapes: Unknown
Year(s) interviews were conducted: 1974-1994
Year(s) covered in the interviews: Unknown
Principal interviewer(s): Alfredteen Harrison and JSU students

The Center director and Jackson State University students have worked on adding interviews to the general oral history collection for twenty years, from 1974 to 1994. To date, they have recorded 351 interviews. The goal was to document almost all facets of African-American life and history. Among the topics covered are integration, black churches, the civil rights movement, rural life, women's issues, black businesses, and the history of Jackson State University. Many of the student interviews were conducted as assignments for oral history classes. Very few of the interviews have been transcribed. Below are listed 73 interviews directly relating to the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Reuben Anderson John Johnson John A. Peoples
Howard Austin Thomas Johnson Thelma Peterson
Samuel Bailey Mrs. Jimmie Jones Claude Ramsey
George Baker Lavaree Jones Addie Rials
Mable Bankston Theodore Jones Jimmy Russell
Barron Bank Henry J. Kirksey L. W. Sampson
Rims Barber Colia Lafayette I. S. Sanders
Arlene Bass Pearl Latham Thelma Sanders
Gladys Noel Bates Lewis Liddell Jane Menefee Schutt
John and Gladys Noel Bates Marie Lindsey Ruth Shirley
Leon Bell West Lindsey Charles Sudduth
Bob Brown [no first name] Logan Terry Walton
Emmett Burns Cleo Mason Hollis Watkins
Johnny Campbell Cora Mason Mary Nell Whipps
Mary Coleman L. McCrary Mary Whisenton
Clinton Collier Nanmie McLemore Sam Whisenton
Sarah Davis J .F. McRee Beatrice Williams
John Dixon Mitchel Meredith Velma Willis
Clarence Donald Rosie Mitchell Jack Young
Hattie Dyson Owen Brooks, Frank Hudson, Edna Moneton,  and Thelma Barnes
Alice Fisher Montgomery Moore
Clarie Collins Harvey Susie Noel
Rosie Holden Edward Norwood
Fred Idom Sawandi Olvgabala
Vera Jackson John O'Neal
Len Jefferson George Owens

2. "A Neighborhood Discovery:" Farish Street District

Number of interviews: 72
Number of iranscripts: 72
Number of iapes: Unknown
Year(s) interviews were conducted: 1974-1982
Year(s) covered in the interviews: Unknown
Principal interviewer(s): Alfredteen Harrison, Cheryl Payne, and Ernest Luckett

This project was funded by a grant from the National Endownment for the Humanities to Jackson State University in cooperation with the Jackson YWCA and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The 72 interviews recorded are with residents and business people of Jackson's Farish Street Historic District. All of the interviews were taped between 1974 and 1982 and all have transcripts. The principal interviewers for the project were Alfredteen Harrison, Cheryl Payne, and Ernest Luckett. While the focus on the project was not the civil rights movement, topics pertinent to this bibliography include integration, James Meredith's attempt to enroll at the University of Mississippi, the Freedom Riders, voter registration, and the role of black churches in the civil rights movement. Some of the people interviewed for this collection include R. Jess Brown, Sam Bailey, Lillie Bell Jones, and Josephine Tibbs. Some of the same people interviewed for the Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement collection were interviewed for this project as well. The descriptions of the 12 interviews listed below reported discussion topics relating to the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Samuel Bailey Hickman Johnson Elizabeth Thames
R. Jess Brown Mary L.S. Kendrick Hannah Tucker
Carsie Hall Susie Noel David White
Henry Harvey Wendell Taylor Laverne White

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