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1. No Easy Journey

Number of interviews: 130+
Number of transcripts: Partial transcripts and interviewers' notes
Number of cassette tapes: 220+
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1992-1996
Time frame: ca. 1950-1970
Principal interview(s): Emilye Crosby

No Easy Journey is a collection of ongoing interviews begun in January 1992 by Emilye Crosby as part of the research for her dissertation, "Common Courtesy: The Civil Rights Movement in Claiborne County, Mississippi." There are no formal transcripts for the interviews in this collection. There are typewritten notes that Crosby took from the interviews and some very rough, non-verbatim transcripts. Except as noted, access to the interviews is unrestricted. Ninety-nine of the interviews are listed below.

The interviews that are starred(*) have been transcribed and edited by the interviewees:

Rosalie Abraham Evan Doss Jr.*

Wilson F. "Bill" Minor

Waddy Abraham Grant Dungee Leander Monroe
Jimmy Allen Norris Edney O. W. Moses
Celia Anderson Jane Ellis Frances Nelson
William Anderson Jimmy Ellis Mary Ann Norton
Gustina Atlas Charles Evers Frank Parker
Joseph M. "Buster" Barber Bob Fitzpatrick Jane Person
Rims Barber Robert D. Gage IV Jimmie Person
James Beesley James Gray A. J. Peyton
Joan Beesley Leesco Guster Dixon Pyles
Unita Blackwell Williametta Hall Ezekiel Rankin
Billy Bolden Mott Headley Hystercine Rankin*
Artemeasie Brandon Nancy Larraine Hoffman William Matt Ross
Carl Brandon Henry Houze J. L. Sayles
Dorothy Brandon George Hudson James Scott
Ernest Kennedy Brandon and Ruth Juanita Stewart Edith Jackson Cleveland L. Sellers Jr.
Marjorie Brandon Annie Jones Evelyn Shaifer
Barbara Brandon-Sidney Julia Jones Fred M. Tisdale*
Lillie D. Brown Nathan Jones George Henry Walker Sr.
Charles Bunton Nathan Jones and Julia Jones Eddie Walls Jr.
Albert Butler Marie Keller Julius Warner
Robert Butler Maurice Landers Gladys J. Watson
Arthur Lee Camphor Herman Leach Dolly Marguerite Thompson Webb
Mosella Carpenter Elliot Lichtman Katie Wells
Ed Cole Worth Long Linda Wells
Joe Davenport Bill Lum Thelma Crowder Wells
Judy Davenport Nathaniel Martin Mattie West
Mary Kathryn Davenport* Mamie Lee Mazique F. A. White
Faye Davis Dan McCay Calvin Williams Jr.
James Devoual Elonzo McClorine Robert L. Williams
Ben Disharoon Q. H. McDaniel Jr. Ruth Willis
Carolyn Dobbs Melvin M. McFatter Rachel Wilson
Henrietta Dorsey Carolyn Turnipseed Miller Willie Wilson
James Dorsey James Miller Bobbie Young

2. Tenant Purchase Program in Claiborne County, Mississippi

Number of interviews: 26
Number of transcripts: 26
Number of cassette tapes: 45
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1979-1980
Time frame: 1900-1980
Principal interview(s): David Crosby

The Tenant Purchase Program in Claiborne County Mississippi is a series twenty-six interviews conducted by David Crosby of Alcorn State University between March 1979 and July 1980. Access is unrestricted, and all of the inteviews have transcripts available at Mississippi Cultural Crossroads. Tapes, however, are in Crosby's office at Alcorn. Researchers can contact him at 601-877-6669 to make arrangements to listen to the tapes. Only the two interviews listed below deal with the civil rights movement after 1954.

Jesse Johnson Eugene E. Spencer

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