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Oral History of Contemporary Mississippi Life and Viewpoint

Number of interviews: 23 open to researchers, some with restrictions
Number of transcripts: 23 open to researchers, some with restrictions
Number of tapes: 23 tapes are available reel-to-reel
Year(s) interviews were conducted: 1965
Year(s) covered in the interviews: 1965
Principal interviewer(s): Dr. Gordon G. Henderson

The intent of this project, undertaken in 1965 by Dr. Gordon G. Henderson, chair of the Political Science Department at Millsaps College, was to record oral histories of people involved in the civil rights struggles then going on in the state of Mississippi. Among the topics discussed are integration of public accommodations, schools, and churches; Freedom Summer activities; voter registration and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; and various forms of white resistance to integration.

A total of thirty-nine interviews were conducted. Twenty-three interviews are open to
researchers, six with only minor restrictions. All interviews were recorded on reel-to-reel tape. The archives have the facilities to make cassette copies of interviews. Contact the archivist for more information. The twenty-three open interviews have been transcribed, though a few are in the rough draft stage. Of the twenty-three open interviews, twenty-one are pertinent to the current bibliography.

Interviews on topics of the civil rights movement in Mississippi:

A. Daniel Beittel Tom Levin
Oscar Carr Gilbert Mason
Hodding Carter III William Neville
College Students, Negro; Rust College Perry Nussbaum
Blanton Doggett Robert B. Patterson
Robert L. Ezelle George E. Powers
Duncan Gray Jack Reed
Clarie Collins Harvey Jane Menefee Schutt
Aaron Henry Mike Sturdivant
High School Students, five Negro; Holy Ghost School Karl Wiesenburg
High School Students, nine white; Murrah and Provine High Schools

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