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John Stennis Oral History Collection

Number of Interviews: 66
Number of Transcripts: 66
Number of Cassettes: n/a
Year(s) when the interviews were conducted: 1990-1992
Year(s) covered in the interviews: 1954-1972
Principal Interviewers: Jeff Broadwater, Betsy Nash, and Jeff Sainsbury

This series of sixty-six interviews deals with the life and career of Sen. John C. Stennis. The interviews cover the years 1954 to 1972 and were collected between 1990 and 1992. The principal interviewers were Jeff Broadwater, Betsy Nash, and Jeff Sainsbury. The tapes are in excellent shape. Each interview has a transcript, which has been reviewed by the interviewee. Although there are some discrepancies, the transcripts are reasonably accurate reflections of the taped conversations. Each interview includes an index. Among the topics discussed are anti-poverty programs, Freedom Summer, desegregation, Child Development Group of Mississippi, and the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. Since the intention of the series was to document the life of Senator Stennis, the focus is not primarily on civil rights. The twelve interviews listed below contain considerable information on civil rights. Other interviews in the John C. Stennis Oral History Collection contain only brief references about Senator Stennis's views on the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Gil Carmichael Pat Derian John R. Salter
Robert G. Clark S .R. Evans Sr. William E. Spell
Ed Cole Erle Johnston William Winter
Kenneth Dean Leslie McLemore Joseph E. Wroten


Billy Simpson Loyalist Democratic Collection

Number of Interviews: 5
Number of Transcripts: 5
Number of Cassettes: 5
Year(s) when the interviews were conducted: 1973-1974
Year(s) covered in the interviews: 1965-1972
Principal Interviewer: William M. Simpson

This collection is rather narrowly focused on the Loyalist Democrats and their struggle with the Regular Democrats during the years 1965-1972. Tape quality is good, especially considering the age of the interviews. The transcripts also seem to reflect the tapes fairly accurately.

Hodding Carter III John Crawford Jr. Jan Lewis
Douglas L. Conner Flavous Hutchinson

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