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Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography

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labor: Ella Baker; Mable Bankston; Owen Brooks; Hodding Carter III; Robert L. Ezelle; Mott Headley; Aaron Henry; John Hulett; Harlan and Barbara Joye; Thomas Knight Sr.; Leander Monroe; Anne Moody; Jack Newfield; Martha Prescod Norman; Peter Orris; Claude Ramsey; Joseph Rauh; John R. Salter; Cecil Shelton; Walter Tillow

Ladner, Dorie: Ivanhoe Donaldson, Charles Cobb, and Frank Smith; Colia Liddell Clark and Lewis Liddell; Charles McDew; John R. Salter; Frank Smith

Ladner, Joyce: Contance Baker; Charles Cobb; John Dittmer; John Garner; Edwin King; Colia Liddell Clark and Lewis Liddell; Charles McDew; Peter Orris; Frank Smith

Lafayette, Bernard: Charles McDew

*Lafayette, Colia: Charles McDew; Judy Richardson

Lafayette County: Hugh H. Clegg; Robert Moses; John R. Salter; see also Oxford

*Lane, Mary: Lawrence Guyot

Lauderdale, Frank: Aaron Henry

Lanier High School: Fred Banks

Lauderdale County: Polly Heidelberg

Lauderdale Economic Assistance Program (LEAP): Duncan Gray

Laurel: Henry House; Interviews at a Laurel office; Mr. Jefferson; Darwin Maples; Frank Sorocco

Law. Bernie: Duncan Gray

law enforcement: Jimmy C. Fairley and Charles H. and Mamie Lee Phillips; Duncan Gray

laws and legislation: see courts and the law

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights: Ernst Borinski; Judy Richardson; William J. Simmons

Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee: Fred Banks; Judy Richardson

Lay Bare the Heart: Mario Savio

Leake County: Clinton Collier; Winson Hudson; Interview with ten members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; Edwin King; Jerome Smith; see also Carthage.

*Lee, Clay F.: Clinton Collier; William Jefferson Cunningham; Florence Mars

Lee, George W.: Alyce Griffin Clarke; Charles Cobb; Myrlie Evers; Aaron Henry; Colia Liddell Clark and Lewis Liddell; Amzie Moore

Lee, Herbert: James Anderson; Charles Cobb and Ivanhoe Donaldson; Joe Martin; Charles Moore; Judy Richardson; John R. Salter; Eldridge W. Steptoe Jr.; Hollis Watkins

Lee County: Clinton Collier; Jack Reed; see also Tupelo

Leflore County: Charles Cobb; Courtland Cox; James Moore; Robert B. Patterson; see also Itta Bena

Legal Education Advisory Committee: Maurice R. Black

Leigh, Sandy: Terri Shaw

Leland: Bernice Bell née Roper; see also Washington County

Let Justice Flow: Rev. Clinton Collier

Leventhal, Mel: Griffin McLaurin; William J. Simmons

Levin, Tom: Pat Derian

*Lewis, John: Fay Bellamy; Anne Braden; Harry Bowie; Stokely Carmichael; Charles Cobb; James Farmer; Steven Fraser; Peter Orris; Judy Richardson; William Taylor

Lexington: Hodding Carter Jr.; see also Holmes County

Liberty: Jerry Clower; Colia Liddell Clark and Lewis Liddell; John R. Salter; see also Amite County

Lilywhite Party: see Democratic Party

Lindsay, Merrill: Aaron Henry; Robert Moses

Literacy Project: Doris Derby; Lawrence Guyot

Little Rock Nine: Oscar Allan Rogers Jr.

Lomack, Lewis: College students, Negro, Rust College

Loman, Miles: Ruby Magee

Losing Ground: Bennie F. Gooden

*Lowenstein, Allard: Bob Beyers; Julian Bond; Nicholas Bosanquet; Sam W. Brown Jr.; Cathy Cade; Charles Cobb; Constance Curry; Barney Frank; Susan Goodwillie; Lawrence Guyot; Gary Hart; Aaron Henry; Bill Higgs; Harold Ickes; Edwin King; John Lewis; Jack Newfield; Peter Orris; Joseph Rauh; Judy Richardson; Franklin Delano Roosevelt III; William Taylor

Lowndes County: John Hulett; Zoya Zeman; see also Columbus

Loyalist Democrats: Hodding Carter III; Robert G. Clark; Ed Cole; Douglas L. Conner; John Crawford Jr.; Pat Derian; Flavous Hutchinson; Jan Lewis; Joseph E. Wroten

Lucas, Aubrey K.: Raylawni Branch

*Luckett, Semmes: Andrew R. Carr; Aaron Henry; Harvey T. Ross

Lucy, Arthurine: Umoja Kwanguvu

Lynd, Staughton: Sandra Adickes; Heather Booth; Franklin Delano Roosevelt III

Lynd, Theron: Terri Shaw; Earline Boyd; Charles Cobb; Pinkey Hall; Sandy Leigh; Hollis Watkins

Lyon: Bennie F. Gooden


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