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Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography

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Tallahatchie County: Fred Mangrum

Tally, J.C.: Lawrence Guyot

Tarrants, Thomas: Obie Clark

Tchula: Eddie Carthan;  John Daniel Wesley; see also Holmes County

Tennessee A and I University: Charles Lemuel Young

Tharp, Sidney: Fred Clark Sr.

Thomas, Arthur: Clarie Collins Harvey; Sarah H. Johnson; Tom Levin

*Thompson, Bennie: Constance Slaughter Harvey; Phillip West

Thompson, Marguerite: see Webb, Dolly Marguerite Thompson

Thrasher, Sue: Cathy Cade; J. Eugene Guerrero

Tibbee: Lincoln Pain

Till, Emmett: Samuel Bailey; Thelma Barnes; Raylawni Branch; Fred Clark Sr.; Charles Cobb; David Dennis; Odell Durham; Charles Evers; Myrlie Evers; Aaron Henry; Julia Holmes; Bea Jenkins; Anne Moody; Florence Moore; Amzie Moore; Oscar Allan Rogers Jr.; Robert Smith

Till, Louis: Raylawni Branch

*Tillow, Walter: Ella Baker

Timms, Johnny: John Buffington

Tougaloo College: Margaret Walker Alexander; James Anderson; Samuel Bailey; A. Daniel Beittel; Bob Beyers; Gerald Henry Blessey; Ernst Borinski; Nicholas Bosanquet; Anne Braden; James C. Bradford; Clarice T. Campbell; Colia Liddell Clark and Lewis Liddell; Fred Clark Sr.; James C. Coleman; William Penn Davis; David Dennis; Doris Derby; John Dittmer; Clarence Donald; Ivanhoe Donaldson, Charles Cobb, and Frank Smith; John Garner; Duncan Gray; Lawrence Guyot; Clarie Collins Harvey; Constance Slaughter Harvey; Aaron Henry; Winson Hudson; Interview with ten members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; Edwin King; Ruby Magee; Anne Moody; Robert Moses; George Owens; Hazel Palmer; James D. Randolph; John R. Salter; Mendy Samstein; Jane Menefee Schutt; Robert Smith; Bennie G. Thompson; Aurela Norris Young

Tougaloo Women's Fellowship: Annie Seaton Smith

Toure, Kwame: see Carmichael, Stokely

Travis, Brenda: Charles McDew; Judy Richardson; Aurela Norris Young

Travis, Jimmy: James Anderson; Fred Clark Sr.; Charles Cobb and Ivanhoe Donaldson; John O'Neal; Judy Richardson; Hollis Watkins

Trumpauer, Joan: David Dennis

Tupelo: Marion Barry; Blanton Doggett; Hodding Carter Jr; Nathaniel H. Lewis; Jack Reed; Phillip West; see also Lee County

Tunica County: Oscar Carr; Bennie F. Gooden

 Turnbow, Hartman: Charles Cobb; Walter Tillow; Hollis Watkins

Tylertown, : Ruby Magee; see also Walthall County

Tynes, Gycelle: Bennie F. Gooden


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