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Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography

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United Auto Workers: see labor

University Medical Center: Peter Stewart

University of the South: Duncan Gray

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: Hodding Carter III; James Elliot Carter; Blanton Doggett; Noble Rucker Frisby; Lawrence Guyot; Aaron Henry; Winson Hudson; John Lewis; Ruby Magee; Martha Prescod Norman; George E. Powers; Elizabeth A. Price; Jane Menefee Schutt; William Taylor

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: Unita Blackwell; Pauline Holmes; Preston Holmes; Olivia Johnson

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Robert Love

U.S. Department of Justice: Hodding Carter Jr.; Hugh H. Clegg; Charles Cobb; Clinton Collier; Bradford J. Dye; Ken Fairley; Barney Frank; Lawrence Guyot; Fannie Lou Hamer; Horace H. Harned Jr.; Aaron Henry; Bill Higgs; Sarah H. Johnson; Robert Kastenmeier; John Lewis; Ruby Magee; Amzie Moore; Judy Richardson; Iva E. Sandifer; William J. Simmons; Michael Smith; Walter Tillow

University of Mississippi: Reuben V. Anderson; Fred Clark Sr.; Ivanhoe Donaldson, Charles Cobb, and Frank Smith; Florence Mars; Ed Meeks; William Neville

-integration: Ross R. Barnett; William J. Blass; Gerald Henry Blessey; R. Jess Brown; Oscar Carr; Ramsey Clark; Hugh H. Clegg; James P. Coleman; Blanton Doggett; S.R. Evans Sr.; Carsie Hall; Aaron Henry; Paul B. Johnson Jr.; Nicholas D. Katzenbach; Arthur B. Lewis; Burke Marshall; Ed Meeks; James Meredith; Clarence Benton "Buddie" Newman; George Saxon

-segregation: Henry J. Kirksey; Amzie Moore

University of Southern Mississippi: Johnny and Clara Barbour; Raylawni Branch; Jimmie C. Fairley; Aaron Henry; Martha Prescod Norman

urban renewal: Arthur J. Tate; Thomas Brady Pickens


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