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Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography

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*Walker, George Henry: Nancy Larraine Hoffman

Walker, Larry: Hodding Carter III; Fannie Lou Hamer

Walls, Johnny: B.L. Bell Jr.

Walls: Leslie McLemore

Walthall County: Edwin King; Ruby Magee; Hollis Watkins; see also Tylertown

*Warner, Julius Earl: Maurice Landers

Warren County: R. Jess Brown; Edwin King; see also Vicksburg

Washington, Cynthia: Fay Bellamy; Judy Richardson

Washington County: Lamar Bessie Jackson Britton; Andrew R. Carr; George Davis; Sarah H. Johnson; Charles Moore; Joseph E. Wroten; see also Greenville; Leland

Washington, D.C.: Hobert Kornegay

Washington, Walter: Oscar Allan Rogers Jr.

*Watkins, Hollis: Rims Barber; Marion Barry; Nicholas Bosanquet; Charles Cobb; James C. Coleman; Susan Goodwillie; Lawrence Guyot; Constance Slaughter Harvey; Charles McDew; Robert Moses

Wayne County: William Neville

*Webb, Dolly Marguerite Thompson: J.L. Sayles

Webb, S.L.: Clarie Collins Harvey

Weidmann's Restaurant: John E. Cameron; Johnnie Faye Inge

Werner, Peter: Umoja Kwanguvu; Terri Shaw

West, George Jr.: Henry Anthony Byrne Jr.

West Point: Travis Higgenbotham; Randy Ireson; John Lockard; Nancy Myron; Dorothy Tennyson

White Citizens' Council: see massive resistance

White, Geneva: William Jefferson Cunningham; Bennie F. Gooden

Whitehead, Ben Chester: Phillip West

Whites: Susan Levin; Melinda Summerall; David Tobis

Wiesenburg, Karl: Joseph E. Wroten

Wiggins: Charles Cobb; see also Stone County

*Wilkins, Roy: Henry Anthony Byrnes Jr.; Stokely Carmichael; Oscar Carr; Charles Cobb; Doris Derby; John Dittmer; Ivanhoe Donaldson, Charles Cobb, and Frank Smith; Charles Evers; James Farmer; Lawrence Guyot; Fannie Lou Hamer; Aaron Henry; Bill Higgs; Edwin King; John Lewis; Luke Mikschl; Hazel Palmer; Dixon Pyles; John R. Salter; John Stewart; Walter Tillow

Wiley College: Charles Lemuel Young

*Williams, Calvin: William Anderson; James Dorsey; James Gray; J.L. Sayles; George Henry Walker Sr.

*Williams, John Bell: Harry Bowie; James P. Coleman; Richard Dortch; Charles Evers; Bill Higgs; Boyce Holleman; Mrs. Eddie M. Johnson; Edwin King; George W. Rogers; William J. Simmons; Kenneth O. Williams

William, W.J. "Duke": Earle W. Banks

Willowforce University: James Cohen

Wilson, Mayo: Troy Catchings; Vernon Keys

Winona: Unita Blackwell; Lawrence Guyot; Hollis Watkins

Wirth, Gene: Erle Johnston

Witness in Philadelphia: Florence Mars

WLBT: Lawrence Guyot


-role of women in the movement: Leon Bell; Sheila Shiki y Kessler Michaels; J.L. Sayles:

-Womanpower Unlimited: Clarie Collins Harvey; Rosie Holden; Interview with ten members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; [No first name given] Logan; Rosie Mitchell; Susie Noel; Jane Menefee Schutt

Women's Federated Clubs: Ariel Barnes

Wood, John Q.: Ruby Magee

*Wofford, Harris Llewellyns: Duncan Gray

Wright, Ellis W.: William J. Simmons

Wright, Marian: see Edelman, Marian Wright

Wright, Nancy: Vickie McNeil

Wright, Richard: Margaret Walker Alexander; College students, Negro, Rust College


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