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Contact person/title: Clarence Hunter, senior archivist
Telephone: 601-977-7710
Fax number: 601-977-7714
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Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Closed major holidays.
Services/Restrictions: The Tougaloo College Archives specializes in collecting material relating to the civil rights movement in Mississippi. In addition to its oral history and civil rights recordings collection (speeches, town meetings, church services, etc.), the archive has more than 3,000 linear feet of manuscript material about the movement. Researchers must obtain permission to use the archives from the senior archivist and are requested to submit a short written prospectus of their research topic. They may also request finding aids and catalogs in advance. Staff will copy all documents and tapes within the limits proscribed by material donors. Normally all materials must be used in the library's reading room. Loans of certain materials may be made through a written request to the senior archivist.


1. Tougaloo College Oral History Collection

This collection contains a series of interviews done by archival and library staff members with people involved in the movement from 1944 to 1974. The tapes listed below focus exclusively on civil rights events and form a part of a larger collection of oral histories of people involved in the history of Tougaloo.

Alcorn State Univ. employee Ernst Borinski (3 interviews) Aaron Henry (2 interviews)
Samuel Bailey C. C. Bryant Annie Rankin
A. Daniel Beittel Alyce Griffin Clarke


2. Thomas C. Dent Collection

The majority of these 26 interviews were conducted by Thomas Dent. The collection consists of 47 cassettes and some 100 hours of conversation taped between 1969 and 1984. This collection is held jointly with the Amistad Center, located on the campus of Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. An inventory of the interviews serves as the primary finding aid. The interviews in this collection are listed below.

Unita Blackwell Mary Davidson Jessie Morris (2 interviews)
Harry Bowie Dave Dennis John O'Neal
Owen Brooks Annie Devine Willie Peacock
Ed Brown Howard Gunn Jerome Smith
John Buffington Mary Hightower Matteo Suarez
John and Miss Downty Buffington Winson Hudson Hollis Watkins
C. O. Chinn June Johnson Robert Young
C. S. Chinn II Worth Long (2 interviews)
Charles Cobb Anne Moody


3. Delta Oral History Project

This is an ongoing joint project of Dickinson and Tougaloo Colleges under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Approximately 400 tapes have been recorded. The collection is closed until the project has been completed. The goal is to record 2,000 hours of tape. The interviewees are primarily from Cleveland, Greenville, Mound Bayou, and Canton. The principal interviewers are Owen Brooks, Kim Lacy Rogers, and Jerry Ward. The interviews are high quality, but the transcripts are unedited and sometimes have errors in spelling place names or personal names. Interviews conducted to date are listed below.

Louise Adams Cora Fleming Ozzie McDaniel
Myltree Adams (2 interviews) Lucille Moman Frasier Cleve McDowell
Lillie Ayers Rachel Galloway Charles McLaurin
Corrine Bankhead Alice Giles Virginia Ayles McLaurin
Rims Barber Bennie S. Gooden Victor McTeer
Thelma Barnes Earl Gooden Flossie Miller
Velma Bartley Robert Gray Octavia Moore
B. L. Bell Jr. Lillian Hampton Annie Myles
Ura Bowie Jack Harper Mattie Scott Pace
Louise Bradford Loran Hawkins Oscar Peace Jr.
Willie and Morgan Brown Sr. Aaron Henry (2 interviews) Herman Perry
Joseph Brunini Pauline Holmes Carver Randall
Robert Cableton Preston Holmes Sammy Rash
Annyce Campbell Mayola Jackson Lillie Robinson
Andrew Carr Herman Johnson Oscar Allen Rogers Jr.
Mae Bertha Carter Olivia Johnson Tommie Ross
C. O. Chinn and Robert Chinn Margaret Kibbee Juanita Scott
Mamie McClendon Chinn J .M. Kimball Randy Scott
Charlene Cole Edwin King Annie Seaton Smith
Earl Collins Willie Knighten Helen Smith
Daisie Conwell Jonny Lewis Lloyd Smith
Homer Crawford Wesley Liddell Reuben Smith
Robert Love Carrie Smoot
Melburn Crouse Earl Lucas Kermit Stanton
David Dennis William Lucas Sr George Washington Sr.
L .C. Dorsey (2 interviews) McKinley Mack Bernice White
Mary Tyler Dotson Thelma Mack Dorsey White
Jimmie Lee Douglas Willie May Marshall Jewell Williams (2 interviews)
H. T. Drake Roberta Martin Kimberly Crosby
Odell Durham David Matthews Sollea Williams
(Ms.) Willie T. Woodley



4. Civil Rights Documentation Project

This is an ongoing joint project of Tougaloo College and The University of Southern Mississippi under a grant from the Mississippi Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The interviews are with people involved in the civil rights movement, primarily in Mississippi. The interviewers are Don Williams, Worth Long, Harriet Tanzman, and Stephanie Scull Millet. The people interviewed were allowed to see the interviews and make minor changes before binding the final version. The interviews have hardbound, edited transcripts. Interviews completed are listed below.

Meridian interviews: the interviewer is DonWilliams:

 Anonymous       Duncan Gray Evelyn Dorsey Polk
Johnny and Clara Barbour Johnnie Faye Inge Charles Lemuel Young
John E. Cameron Laura Inge-Love
Obie Clark Hobert Kornegay

Vicksburg interviews: the interviewer is Don Williams:

Otha Burton Jr. Lee Willie Miller Eddie Thomas Sr.
Charles K. Chiplin Dr. Ollye Brown Shirley Tommie Lee Williams Sr.

Holmes County interviews: the interviewer is Harriet Tanzman:

Walter Bruce Hattye Gatson Griffin McLaurin
Georgia Clark Estelle Harvey John Daniel Wesley
Robert G. Clark Bea Jenkins  

Grenada interviews: the interviewer is Worth Long:

Willie T. Allen Jasper Neely Rosie Washington
T.B. Bankston Henry Peacock III Will O. Washington
Harry Kegler Annie L. Stewart

Canton, Jackson, and Gulf Coast interviewers: the interviewers are Stephanie Scull Millet and Harriet Tanzman:

James C. Coleman Bilbo Rodgers State Stallworth
Julia Holmes Franzetta Sanders Matt Suarez
James P. Miller Robert Smith



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